House Of The Dragon: Fans Spot A Mistake With King Viserys In Episode 1
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House Of The Dragon: Fans Spot A Mistake With King Viserys In Episode 1

House of the Dragon fans spot a little mistake right in episode 1 of the show regarding King Viserys and his Crown

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 6,2023

It has been months since “House of the Dragon” ended. But fans are still re-watching the show to find hidden details and character motivations that they missed during the first watch.

Now, a fan has discovered a mistake related to King Viserys right in episode one of the show. Let us tell you what it is.

King Viserys And His Crown In Episode 1

King Viserys' crown is on backwards

King Viserys’ crown is on backwards

In the House of the Dragon subreddit, a fan observed a mistake related to King Viserys’ crown in episode 1. In the scene where King Viserys and his family are sitting down to watch the jousting matches, his crown is on backwards. So instead of the Targaryen sigil being visible, it is the sigil of the Martell of Dorne that’s in the front.

While such a mistake isn’t expected from the production team of a high profile show like “House of the Dragon,” but it can happen. Fans will remember the famous Starbucks scandal in the final season of “Game of Thrones.”

However, the saving grace for this show is that this mistake isn’t that visible. Also, this mistake isn’t present throughout the entire scene. It’s just there for a quick moment because overall the crown is in the right position for the rest of the tourney scene.

Fan React To This Mistake Of House Of The Dragon

House of the Dragon cast

House of the Dragon cast

Instead of being angry at the mistake, Reddit fans found humor in it. One commented, “It was the hip thing to do at the time, in the old days some kings like to wear theirs sideways.”

Another hilariously said, “Vizzy T drank too much bubbly that day.”

Yet another fan joked, “Tbf he could’ve been drinking at the tourney lol.”

Season 2 of “House of the Dragon” will begin production soon. The writers have already confirmed the appearance of two major characters in the next season. Fans expect to see more dragons and more political rivalry as the Dance of the Dragons begins in earnest.

Stay tuned for more updates.