House of the Dragon: Most Disrespected Characters

House of the Dragon has shown many noble personas as well as many twisted ones. Here are the six most disrespected HoTD characters.

By Pratyush Singh
December 10,2022
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House of the Dragon has shown many noble characters, true to their word and loving to people close to them. Viserys Targaryen is a good example, as even in a dying condition, he headed the court session for Driftmark succession at the request of his daughter Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra has shown righteousness by avoiding going to war with the Greens and so has Rhaenys Targaryen. Mysaria, The White Worm, is probably the most respected character, as she has risen very far and came from nothing. Ser Criston Cole and the Erryk/Arryk twins have been primarily represented as noble and loyal knights. The list goes on regarding good characters in Martin’s world of Fire & Blood.

Nevertheless, there are many twisted characters as well, who have sick minds and do terrible things in the storyline of House of the Dragon. These Characters always seem to justify their doings to themselves to sleep at night, at least until Otto takes it to another level by planning to murder Rhaenyra Targaryen and her family.

In this article, I have laid down the six most disrespected characters, starting from the least hated to the most, within the HoTD universe and by viewer perception.


House of the Dragon: Top 6 Disrespected Characters


6. Jacaerys Velaryon

Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen sends Lucerys and Jacaerys Velaryon as messengers in HoTD episode 10
Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen sends Lucerys and Jacaerys Velaryon as messengers in HoTD episode 10

(I do not include Lucerys in this as he died in the season one finale, so he isn’t relevant to the further storyline.)

Even though Jacaerys is a fan favourite, within the House of the Dragon universe, he is hated and looked down upon for being a bastard son of Ser Harwin Strong. Jace is a righteous character who is learned, well-spoken and intelligent. Unfortunately, he’s not treated so. At least he has the support of us fans. It would be spectacular to see him as a diplomat, conversing with Lord Cregan Stark in HoTD season 2.


5. Daemon Targaryen from House of the Dragon

Daemon Targaryen

Prince Daemon Targaryen is a prick since the series’ opening. In episode one itself, he goes around the city killing and torturing criminals in public by the hundreds. He has a lust for the iron throne and power and possibly the reason he agreed to marry Rhaenyra is to get closer to the throne. He also didn’t care when his first wife died. Moreover, he took advantage of the young Rhaenyra’s naivety in the whorehouse, which led her to lose her virginity to Criston Cole at age 14.

Now he does show allegiance to Rhaenyra, but that doesn’t change the type of person he is. It’s due to the love he still has for his family, he ranks number 5.


4. Otto Hightower

Otto Hightower
Otto Hightower

He ranks below Daemon because at least daemon cares for his blood. Otto Hightower sent his 14-year-old daughter to seduce Viserys, who is more than double her age. The act was wrong in itself, but the intention was even worse; personal power gain. He is an intriguing character in House of the Dragon though.

Whatever respect he loses from his past deeds, he makes up for by proving he has guts by threatening Daemon twice, at Dragonstone, without any dragons or better sword-fighting skills than him.


3. Larys Strong

Lord Larys Strong in House of the Dragon
Lord Larys Strong in House of the Dragon

Not an honourable character, Lord Larys plays many sides of the game of thrones. He uses Alicent’s dependence on him to his advantage by sexually enticing his feet fetish. He may cross either Otto or Alicent whenever it suits him best. He also cut the tongues of the prisoners whom he ordered to kill his brother and father. A cruel man, who is hated by viewers for sure.


2. Aegon II Targaryen from House of the Dragon

Aegon II as the King of seven kingdoms

A drunken fool, who has the sickest Targaryen mind shown in House of the Dragon so far. Making 10-year-old children fight violently for fun, immediately makes you lose respect. Aegon is in no shape or form to rule Westeros, and he is only interested in the physical pleasures of life. His sick desires make him even more filthy.


1. Laenor Velaryon

Laenor Velaryon and Qarl Correy in House of the Dragon
Laenor Velaryon and Qarl Correy in House of the Dragon

The most useless character in House of the Dragon, Ser Laenor Velaryon, instead of playing a major role in the battle at the Stepstones, has done nothing important. Nobody in the HoTD universe respect Laenor Velaryon, as he is homosexual and that he something looked down upon. Furthermore, all his black-haired bastard children are a result of his wife cheating on him with Harwin Strong, the strongest man in Westeros. And as if his wife Rhaenyra publicly humiliating him with her children wasn’t enough, she even suggests her uncle and lover Daemon, murder Laenor. Though it was a failed attempt, it shows how nobody cares about Laenor, other than his parents. Even if he does come back to the House of the Dragon storyline, neither The Greens nor The Blacks would welcome him with open hearts. Maybe Rhaenys and Lord Corlys would try to investigate and take action on Daemon and Rhaenyra, but that is unlikely.