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House Of The Dragon Musical Opening Credits Explained

By Sumit Sahu
August 29,2022

Many fans asked for an opening credits after the first episode, and it as delivered in House of the Dragon Episode 2, with a nostalgic feel. Some fans have complained the fact that House of the Dragon is using the same theme song just as Game of Thrones.

While, most of the other fans believe that it was a good idea to use the same theme. It shows how the storyline of House of the Dragon will connect with Game of Thrones in the future, which we already know.

The Nostalgic Feel

House of the Dragon House Sign

House of the Dragon Logo

The opening credits theme music did give fans the moment to remember the sleepless nights they have spent watching 8 seasons of Game of Thrones . And now it is time to cherish that excitement for House of the Dragon as well.

Hidden Details In The Opening Credits

First Scene of House of the Dragon's Opening Credits

First Scene of House of the Dragon’s Opening Credits

The opening credits start with an emblem that has multiple dragons in it, probably representing the House Targaryen. There is some kind of mechanical movement on that emblem which then started spreading out a blood line.

The line of blood kept touching different emblems and that redirected the blood further. All of the emblems had the signatures of different houses, that will be conquered or destroyed by House Targaryen in the future.

At one point, the bloodline from two emblems just blended in to spread in 9 directions. Hence, this might indicate an alliance between two houses that resulted in bloodshed for 9 different kingdoms or territories.

Probably, it also might indicate that some kind of possession that these two emblem-represented houses hold is being attacked by 9 different houses or territories.

In short, the theme of opening credits was to show alliances, war victories and everything else about these empires should go through bloodshed.

In the end we see the House of Dragon logo, which indicates that all of these bloodshed will link back to the Iron Throne and the House of Dragon.

Every emblem in the opening credits might have some role to play in this series, which is not yet revealed.  It is because we have come only across 2 episodes so far. Let’s wait to have more relatable theories in the future that will link back to the opening credits.