‘House Of The Dragon’ Is Starting Its Production And Fans Have Only One Request

Dragons are coming. House Targaryen is coming.

HBO has recently released the new picture for “House of the Dragon” which is a Game of Thrones prequel and fans are going crazy over it. They have announced its production details on their Twitter account.

This will showcase the rise of House Targaryen 300 years before the Game of Thrones started. House of the Dragon will be based on George RR Martin’s novel Fire and Blood and he himself will be involved in the series as the creator along with Ryan Condal.

The art shared by the team shows the dragon which represents the House Targaryen and the show will dive deep in the history of House Targaryen and their Civil War.

After viewing this, fans all around the world came out and expressed their views.

Fans: “don’t screw it up!”

Ever since Game of Thrones moved passed the George RR Martin’s novels and created their own scripts, it faced harsh criticism as the arc of the character’s were compromised and everything seemed too rushed which leads to plot holes. The season finale of the show brought the collective rating of the show down and numerous petitions to re-write the final season popped up on social media.

The production announcement of House of the Dragon brought back the not-so-good memories of season 8. Here are some of the fans reactions





Many fans are positive too and shared their feeling.

“You can’t be that deluded to act like GOT was terrible just because of the final season and ending, the show was unmatched, dominant, on top for years, I’m sure this one is going to be a great watch but I’ll wait till the end so as to binge it,” wrote one Twitter user.

We totally agree with that and we hope it will be as dope as Game of Thrones was.

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