House Of The Dragon Promises To Fix Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Error
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House Of The Dragon Promises To Fix Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Error

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 9,2021

It’s clear from the House of the Dragon trailer that it’s working to correct the Iron Throne gaffe from Game of Thrones. One of the short glimpses from HBO’s highly anticipated prequel series is a view of the famous metal seat. It seems to look quite different from the original show’s rendition. Sword points protrude from the molten metal of the new throne, like the fangs of a dragon. It’s considerably broader. Larger and more intimidating than ever, right down to the center chair.

The Relevance of The Iron Throne

Game of Thrones’ Westeros is central to the Iron Throne. The metal throne of Aegon Targaryen is believed to have been fashioned with dragon fire from his adversaries’ thousand swords when he conquered the six kingdoms. As described in the novels by George R. R. Martin, the chair was massive, unattractive, and had dangerously steep metal stairs leading up to the seat. Rulers couldn’t rest back on the seat’s razor-sharp blades. For example, in the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” the throne is considerably smaller than shown, with as many sword-hilt embellishments on the backrest as there are blades.

House of the Dragon Iron Throne


Compared to the original show’s depiction of the Iron Throne, the spinoff series House of the Dragon’s version is considerably more accurate. Additionally, the new throne does a better job of acting as the frightening symbol it’s meant to symbolize. Especially, since it’s more true to the original material. The chair in HBO’s Game of Thrones is a lot more casual-looking than the enormous edifice described in the novels. However, this is a lot closer.

The Importance of The Throne

Iron Throne In Books

Iron Throne In Books

The Iron Throne serves as a symbol of the Targaryen dynasty’s conquest. It is not only a place to sit and rule from. The throne serves as a warning to all the noble houses that those who defy the House of the Dragon would face dire consequences if they surrender or accept one of Aegon’s melted swords as payment. It also has a message for future Targaryen rulers from Aegon, a deadly chair meant to warn them that conquerors never rest easy.

With its rough and stern appearance, the Game of Thrones version appears menacing. Despite its lack of comfort being noted many times, several characters can be seen relaxing casually on it. Those who approach the House of the Dragon throne, on the other hand, run the risk of being seriously injured or killed.

What Changes Will The Audience See?

Iron throne

The Iron Throne in House of the Dragon is more like the one described in the novels. Although it’s still not as hideous as it seems in the original. Pedestals are meant to be steep and towering such that the rule towers above everything else in play on the court. In comparison to the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones novels, the chair’s threat still appears mild. Almost like the throne is a person in the source text, remembering all of the kings and council members it has slashed. Even the Targaryen throne itself has been implicated with the death of a king who was discovered dead on the seat.

Though it looks better than the original, the new Iron Throne lacks the appropriate scale and a menacing air about it. This may be due to many factors. These include a conscious artistic choice to depict the fall of House Targaryen or a limited production budget that didn’t allow for a massive metal monolith to be built. It’s possible that the performers were worried about their own safety as well. If this is true or not, the prequel series is set during the Targaryen dynasty’s golden age. Undoubtedly, it deserves to be remembered as the emblem of might and conquest it is in the novels. However, the House of Dragon trailer’s Iron Throne is an enormous step forward from the one in Game of Thrones, even if it is still flawed.