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House of The Dragon: What Is DreamFyre? The Legendary Dragon

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 2,2022

Following “The Heirs of the Dragon” we are brought back to the land of Westeros, the excitement really picked up in the “Rogue Prince” as the hostilities amongst the Targaryens intensified. Daemon returns after his shocking disappearance in the pilot episode, having stolen a dragon egg that has both the interest of Otto Hightower and the wrath of Rhaenyra since it is the original egg she had put in the bassinet of now departed baby brother.

It turns out the egg belongs to a beast called Dreamfyre, a breed we haven’t seen before in House of the Dragon, and in Game of Thrones.

Prince Daemon at Dragonstone

Prince Daemon at Dragonstone

What is DreamFyre

Dreamfyre was called a “she-dragon” since it was shown that it had deposited many egg batches. She was very thin for a flying lizard, which helped clarify why other second-generation beasts like Vermithor and Meleys were seen as more formidable in battle than even younger monsters like Caraxes notwithstanding their similar ages.

After hiding out with the flying beast on Fair Isle for a while, Rhaena was eventually returned to King’s Landing and compelled to wed her half-uncle Maegor, the guy who had recently murdered her brother-husband, Prince Aegon. But eventually, However, she fled from the Red Keep, taking with her the legendary Targaryen blade Blackfyre that she had stolen from Maegor while he was sleeping. After Maegor’s demise, Rhaena and Dreamfyre moved from Dragonstone to Fair Isle, eventually to Harrenhal, where they stayed till Rhaena’s passing in 73 AC.

DreamFyre Connection To Original Game of Thrones

Khalisi Holding Her Dragon Eggs

Khalisi Holding Her Dragon Eggs

Although it is never explicitly stated, Fire & Blood seems to imply that Dreamfyre was the one who gave birth to Daenerys Targaryen’s mysterious dragons. After a protracted argument, Rhaena’s sweetheart Elissa Farman snatched three dragon eggs from Dragonstone and escaped to the Free Cities, whence she traded them for money.

Elissa sold the eggs to finance the construction of her own vessel, the Sun Chaser, which again was discovered many years down the line in Asshai. These eggs were given to Daenerys Targaryen the day she married Khal Draco, the leader of the undefeated Dothraki warriors. Neither the novels nor the show has ever established where Daenerys’ eggs came from, however, the fact that they are also three that were discovered close to Elisa Farman’s penultimate location provides sufficient evidence to imply that they are really Dreamfyre’s lost eggs.

This is explained in the book. This strongly suggests that Daenerys’s eggs weren’t of Asshai’s ancestry, but rather the Targaryens’. Elissa may have stolen dragon eggs from Dreamfyre or some other kind, but the story itself is ambiguous on which dragon provided the eggs.

It’s quite doubtful that one of Daenerys’ eggs was the one Daemon took from Dreamfyre in Season 2 episode “The Rogue Prince”. There is some similarity between Daenerys’ eggs and the one that Rhaenyra ultimately recovered from her renegade uncle on Dragonstone. Because the egg was intended for a future Targaryen heir, it is conceivable that the Targaryens may raise it in the future. However, the notion that Dreamfyre is producing eggs during the events of House of the Dragon suggests that Daenerys’ trio of dragons may have a hidden origin.

The Dragon Egg Prince Daemon Stole

The Dragon Egg Prince Daemon Stole

How DreamFyre Will Fit Into The House of The Dragon

Dreamfyre is among the earliest Targaryen dragons, despite not having appeared in the latest HBO miniseries.  Princess Rhaena Targaryen, paired with the light sapphire and silvery Dragon in 32 AC, around a century prior to the events of the episode “The Rogue Prince”. Aside from being a very prolific beast, the former is also very reproductive. Dreamfyre had already spawned two batches of dragon eggs by the year 43 AC, and she had another batch in the year 50 AC.

The legendary dragon would not be ridden again til Helaena Targaryen, who hasn’t yet been mentioned in House of the Dragon, bonds with her. King Viserys I as well as Queen Alicent Hightower are expecting their second baby, a daughter named Helaena. Once Viserys dies, the Queen Regent would crown her eldest son, Aegon, king, and marry Helaena, his sister.

Daemon and Rhaenyra

This is despite the fact that in 112 AC, Viserys designated Rhaenyra Targaryen as his successor. Consequently, the House of Dragon would later refer to the conflict involving Alicent’s Greens as well as Rhaenyra’s Blacks via the Targaryen Civil War, which was sparked by the argument over who would succeed the be the Lord of Seven Kingdoms.