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House of the Dragon: Who Is Seasmoke? The Silver Dragon Glimpsed in Episode 3

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 5,2022

Just as the Targaryen army and their Commander Price daemon were about to lose the bloody battle of Stepstones, thanks to Crab Feeders’ archers. Prince Laenor Velaryon joined the battle and torched the troops of the former to crisp mounting his loyal Seasmoke Dragon.

Honestly! I really needed some action, amid all this small council, and marry this and marry that policies and House of the Dragon episode 3 really gave me just that. We see the legendary dragon Seasmoke in its full glory and valor.

But who is Sea Smoke, and who does it belong to? Let’s find out.

Who is Sea Smoke?

Battle of Stepstones

Battle of Stepstones


As far as dragons go, Seasmoke was on the drab side, looking more silvery than grey. It was a small beast, and hence more agile in the skies than his elder siblings, yet it maintained its formidable stature throughout the Dance.

He was around the same stature as Tessarion, the flying beast who was considerably smaller compared to Vermithor and not nearly as terrifying. By the year 101 AC, Seasmoke founded a connection with Laenor Velaryon.

Seasmoke Also Bonded With Adam of Hull

Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, sought for other Dragonriders to join his group throughout the mad war that has enslaved Westeros. Whoever captured the dragons without riders would be awarded a knighthood, territory, and wealth. The Red Sowing was a time when many people tried to seize a dragon but were either killed or severely burned in the process.


Seasmoke, and Adam of Hull Fanart

Ser Steffon Darklyn, a renowned Queensguard, was burned to a crisp by Seasmoke. But eventually, Addam of Hull, at age fifteen, somehow managed to control the fiery beast on his own and saddle him. The former mainly invoked his newfound mount to thwart Sheepstealer’s effort to lay waste to his brother, Alyn of Hull.

Seasmoke Has Seen Its Fair Share of Battle


Seasmoke In House of the Dragon episode 3

Seasmoke was among the five giants who helped bring down King’s Landing and fought in the Struggle of the Gullet that ensued between the Targaryens and Triarchy. After it was agreed that Queen Rhaenyra will stay in King’s Landing, only Seasmoke, Syrax, and Tyraxes would be needed to protect the city from attack, and the remainder of the beasts would set out for combat. The Dragonpit served as Seasmoke’s temporary abode during his time in Westeros.

At the beginning of the Second Battle of Tumbleton, Ser Addam had made up his mind to show that not all bastards had to wear turncloaks. When Ser Addam stormed Tumbleton, he did it under cover of darkness, catching the greens by surprise. As mayhem erupted below him, Addam saw the conflict deteriorate into a catastrophe.

Battle of Tumbleton

Battle of Tumbleton

Amid this madness, the former failed to realize that Hugh Hammer as well as Daeron the Daring, two of the opposing Dragonriders, were already slain, however, he could see them, together with Vermithor, Silverwing, and Tessarion.

As Tessarion ascended to the air without her rider, Addam swung his beast around to intercept her. Both dragons were quite young, so they battled with a lot of speed and dexterity. After losing his rider, Vermithor became infuriated and began murdering people at random on the surface.

The End of Seasmoke

Seasmoke pounced on the beast, sending him screeching into the muck as they both caused havoc. Archmaester Gyldayn claims that Addam felt obligated to defend his boots on the land, even though he must really have known deep down that Seasmoke wasn’t even a challenge for the elder dragon.

The Blue Queen, without her pilot, quickly entered the conflict, and the three beasts battled to the finish in a splattering of dirt, fire, and ashes. Vermithor bit down on Seasmoke’s throat and later decapitated him, killing him instantly. Still clutching his prey, he tried to take off, but his battered wings couldn’t support his load. A second later, he passed away after collapsing. Tessarion was likewise fatally injured by Vermithor and passed away shortly thereafter.