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House of The Dragons: 8 Facts Fans Need To Know About The Dance of The Dragons

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 28,2022

The historic civil battle of accession known as the Dance of the Dragons, which almost wiped off the Targaryens and made them defenseless is well known to bibliophiles and dedicated Game of Thrones viewers. The Dance is intricate, treacherous, and filled with friendships and infidelities, and bloodshed, much like the rest of George R. R. Martin’s mythology.

One of the most pivotal moments in Westerosi annals, this conflict altered the course of the kingdom forever. House of the Dragon gives non-readers a great chance to learn more about the conflict that toppled a monarchy.

Dance of The Dragons

Dragons breathing fire Game of Thrones

So, with that being said, here are a few facts that every GOT fans need to know about the infamous Dance of the Dragons.

1. Stark Never Changed Sides

The Stark family’s honor has been a source of jokes among the fanbase. Ned and Robb fight for the position of worst Stark because of their naivety and folly, while Jon’s many poor decisions led to several disasters, such as his own martyrdom. Nevertheless, the household is the show’s most mainstream character, so it’s impossible for viewers to hate them.

Stark Household Insignia

Stark Household Insignia

The Starks stuck to their word and showed their allegiance to Rhaenyra throughout the Dance, as predicted. The extent of their involvement in House of the Dragons has not been revealed, and they may not emerge until following seasons, although they were instrumental in Rhaenyra’s efforts to protect the North and Riverlands.

2. Fight for the Dragonseeds

Fans of the books know that almost every household in Westeros had a penchant for extramarital affairs and produced a number of ugly bastard offspring. At a crucial point of the Dance, Rhaenyra gave money and honors to whatever man could subdue the six flying beasts residing in Dragonstone; those who were successful were renowned as the Dragonseeds.

Like the rest of the expanding ensemble of protagonists in Game of Thrones, a few of these Dragonseeds will likely grow to assume significant roles in House of the Dragons. Tales like this are fascinating and tumultuous, much like the realm of Westeros.

3. Rhaenyra Did Sat on the Iron Throne

Princess Rhaenyra and Lady Alicent

Princess Rhaenyra and Lady Alicent

Even if the majority of Westeros either doesn’t realize or chooses to disregard the fact, Rhaenyra Targaryen is, in fact, Rhaenyra did have time with the Iron Throne. She and her spouse swooped into King’s Landing mounting on their fiery beasts and quickly overran the kingdom after her spouse fooled their foes into fleeing.

The commoners despised Rhaenyra and her brief, sad rule. Due to the Blood and Cheese incident and her subsequent violent conquest of the city, she has become the antagonist of the plot. Fans are eager to watch how Emma D’Arcy handles the complexities of her character’s journey in House of the Dragon.

4. Blood & Cheese

Blood & Cheese

Blood & Cheese

Followers of “Game of Thrones” probably wouldn’t want to go to Westeros or any other location in the show’s fictional world. The show’s notoriety as one of TV’s cruelest was earned, though, by the presence of multiple unlikeable personalities.

Blood and Cheese, two of the series’ most forgotten and despised characters, will make an appearance in House of the Dragon. In retaliation for the murder of Rhaenyra’s child by Aegon’s siblings, these two men murdered the king’s little daughter in the presence of her mother. This was a game-changing event for the saga since it escalated the battle to an all-out war.

5. Everyone Picked Sides

The Targaryens Household

The Targaryens Household

As the battle progressed, several of Westeros’s greatest households pledged loyalty from green to black. Following a deal with the Princess’s father, the Starks sided with her. After Queen Aemma’s demise, Ser Tyland Lannister promptly adopted a stance against the Princess, arguing that the pledges given at the time were no longer genuine since they had been sworn so long ago. Daemon Targaryen, whom Rhaenyra had wedded, was widely believed by Hightower and many to be the rightful successor to the Iron Throne.

6. Rhaenyra Enjoyed Support From Very Begining

King Viserys I married Aemma Arryn, and later birthed three kids, but only Princess Rhaenyra made it. Her father adored her and prepared her to take the kingdom. Princess Rhaenyra’s formal education in politics and royal matters began when she was a little child, and she attended court sessions sometimes. Because of this, many aristocrats from rival families started to support her as she matured into a young lady and a potential heir to the Iron throne.

7. It Was Considered Best To Have a Male Heir

Aegon II'

Aegon II’

Aegon II’s reign was short-lived—roughly six months—after he sacrificed Rhaenyra to his expiring beast Sunfyre. Aegon III, Rhaenyra’s child, was crowned king after a period of civil strife, but since he was so young, he was forced to live under the control of a caretaker for many decades. The longer-lasting impact would be seen in the Targaryen family’s newfound preference for male children over female ones.