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House of The Dragons: Who Is Caraxes? Prince Daemon’s Fiery Mount

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 5,2022

House of Dragon is no Game of Thrones, it considerably better, and also doesn’t hold out on its biggest flex i.e the giant fiery Dragons who map the skies of Westeros. With only three episodes out, House of the Dragon has already flaunted its several breathtaking Dragons.

We’ve seen Syrax who belonged to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Seasmoke who belongs to Prince Laenor Velaryon who also happens to hail from the richest, and one of the most powerful families of the seven Kingdoms, and Finally Caraxes, a red-colored dragon who has chosen Price Daemon Targaryen as his mount.

But who exactly is Caraxes? let’s find out!

Caraxes’ Appearance


Caraxes in House of The Dragons

Caraxes had a crimson hue, was massive in size, and had a slender build. He was fierce, feared, and seasoned warrior. The flying beast was around half the girth of the massive Vhagar throughout the Dance of the Dragons, also referred to as the Targaryen Civil war which divided the household into Green, and Black. Vhagar, in contrast, was twice as large as smaller dragons like Tessarion or Seasmoke. While Caraxes and Vhagar were speedy, Meleys was much quicker.

Daemon Wasn’t The Only Rider Who Rode Caraxes

Prince Aemon

Prince Aemon Riding Caraxes

In the year 72 A.C., the crimson beast was originally proclaimed by Aemon Targaryen, The legendary Targaryen Prince, and heir presumptive to the Iron Throne. His appellation, Blood Wyrm, came from the fact that the Dragonkeepers deemed him the most dangerous of all the immature dragons in the Dragonpit. Alyssa, Baelon, and Aemon Targaryen all enjoyed taking rides on the backs of their individual beasts, Meleys, Vhagar, and Caraxes.

In the year 83 A.C., throughout the Final Dornish War, Aemon sent his loyal, and fierce beast to lay waste to his enemies’ vessels. In 92 A.C., when rebel Myrmen conquered a portion of the isle of Tarth, Aemon rode Caraxes there to aid Lord Cameron Tarth as well as Lord Boremund Baratheon in repelling the intruders. In doing so, Caraxes handily bested the Velaryon army commanded by Lord Corlys Velaryon. Caraxes was busy stuffing his face with lambs while Prince Aemon was struck down by an arrow to the neck.

Caraxes and Daemon Targaryen

Prince Daemon, Mysaria

Prince Daemon, Mysaria and Caraxes in House of the Dragon

By the year 105 AC, Prince Daemon Targaryen, had inherited Caraxes as his steed. While fleeing from King’s Landing to Dragonstone, the prince brought his mistress Mysaria with him aboard Caraxes. The dragon proved very helpful and formidable in Daemon’s quest to reclaim Stepstones.

The prince split his hours between attending the affairs of the Stepstones as well as Dragonstone. Daemon and Caraxes’ first flight with King Viserys I daughter and also his niece Rhaenyra, and her loyal beasts named Syrax, took place at Dragonstone. Daemon and his new wife, Lady Laena Velaryon, rode around on Caraxes and Vhagar, their giants, to visit all the Free Cities of Essos amassing hordes of curious eyes.

 Caraxes Final Dance

Dance of The Dragon

Dance of The Dragon Fanart

Daemon dropped Caraxes down on the highest point of Kingspyre Castle at the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons when they attacked Harrenhal. Daemon confronted Aemond Targaryen as well as Vhagar at Harrenhal, topping Caraxes. The following Conflict Over the Gods’ Eye resulted in the deaths of all four. Vhagar and Caraxes finally clasped and both were sucked into the Gods Eye as the battle concluded.

Even as Vhagar’s nails cut into Caraxes’ chest and she utilized her jaws to sever his wings, Caraxes latched his jaws around the bigger dragon’s neck and ripped it out as they were both falling helplessly. The impact of the fall proved fatal for Vhagar.

Caraxes, with his innards spilling out and one limb ripped off, miraculously lived long enough to drag his dying body out of the sea and onto the land. Just beyond Harrenhal’s defences, the dragon met a swift and painful end.