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How Andrew Garfield’s Scene Leaked Online, Explains NWH VFX Artist

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 18,2022

How was Andrew Garfield’s scene leaked? Finally, NWH is available for fans to purchase and watch as many times as their hearts desire in the comfort of their own homes. As recently as a few months ago, everyone was clamoring for more footage. And of course, fans searched the internet for any small leaks they could find.

In retrospect, some of the leaks that afflicted NWH felt as if they were taking place in a parallel universe. An excellent example is the infamous Andrew Garfield scene leak. Here, he appeared in his Spider-Man suit in front of a blue screen while lying prone on what appeared to be building scaffolding.

Garfield’s Peter Parker was addressing body fluids with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s Peters on the Statue of Liberty during the scene he was filming. At the time, fans debated whether it was real or just a really good fake. It’s a crazy place out there. It’s now been discussed by some of the best VFX artists in the business how that leak was possible.

The Leaked Footage of Andrew Garfield Explained

Kelly Port - VFX Supervisor for Spiderman: No Way Home

Kelly Port

Digital Domain VFX supervisor Kelly Port, who worked on NWH, spoke with the Corridor Crew on YouTube about how he believes the Andrew Garfield footage leaked and how studios attempt to prevent such leaks.

A “preventative medicine” of a large “[watermark] across the whole thing” wasn’t enough to keep the clip from leaking: Port believes the leak was caused by an “out-sourced vendor.”

“It’s just thousands of people. Like, our visual effects team was by far our biggest team there is and often the leaks don’t necessarily come from VFX. In this case, I think they did, or an out-sourced vendor is where I think [the leak] really came from. I think the main thing that keeps people from doing it is just, their gonna lose their job, like, forever. As a studio, when Marvel/Sony sends over a sequence to a visual effects studio to begin work, we call that a turnover. And then when they get that, it’s usually sent as a sequence, and your name is watermarked across the whole thing… that’s sort of the preventative medicine.”

An Explanation of One of the Many Spider-Man Leaks

Leaked Spider-Man No Way Home pic

Leaked Spider-Man No Way Home pic

It’s been discussed a lot, but the sheer number of leaks that have afflicted NWH is truly astounding. This time around, the threat of being fired for good did not sway anyone. It’s almost enough to make you shudder to think about the next security solution Marvel Studios might devise.

Marvel Studios’ increased workload is thought to be the cause of an increase in leaks across multiple projects. There are four times as many projects in the works as there were just a few years ago. That means there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of.

It’s a good thing that Andrew Garfield’s experience in the last year trying to divert attention from leaks hasn’t dampened his return to the superhero genre. After all, fans are now practically begging for him to return to some kind of project in the near future.

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