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How Defender Strange Could Be From Raimi’s Spider-Man Universe

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 10,2022

It’s possible that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe will play a role in the introduction of Defender Strange 2. Much to everyone’s surprise, the much-anticipated follow-up to Doctor Strange has taken an unexpected turn. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man could have a connection. This is specifically so now that multiple Doctor Strange has been introduced.

As of this writing, there are two confirmed variants, one of which is Sinister Strange—an evil version. However, this is not the one featured in Marvel’s What If…? Both characters are simply referred to as “Defender Strange,” an apparent nod to Strange’s previous role as a superhero teammate in The Defender’s team in the comics. Zombie Strange and other villainous versions of the character have also been rumoured. However, little is known beyond a glimpse in the trailer.

It is expected that the worlds of these alternate universes will be featured in some way in Doctor Strange 2’s multiverse explorations. Defender Strange’s world has yet to be shown in any official capacity. This is so despite the trailers showing a haunted and abandoned world where Sinister Strange appears to originate. It’s possible that viewers will learn more about the origins of Doctor Strange’s incarnation, depending on how he appears in this storyline. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could reveal that Defender Strange is from Raimi’s Spider-Man universe if he does this.

Spider-Man 2 Confirms That Raimi’s Franchise Contains Doctor Strange

Despite the fact that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy did not include a live-action Doctor Strange, he has previously stated that the character existed. As part of Spider-Man 2, this happened. Otto Octavious’ villain needed a catchy moniker, so J. Jonah Jameson and others at The Daily Bugle brainstormed ideas. Doctor Strange was a name that was floated before they settled on Doctor Octopus. According to Jameson, it’s a fantastic name, but it’s already taken. This brief nod to Marvel’s renowned sorcerer may have been intended as a joking one. However, it’s now clear that Raimi’s Spider-Man universe contains a Doctor Strange.

Dr Strange wasn’t mentioned or teased in the sequels of Spider-Man 2, and there were no plans to bring the magical Marvel hero to the Spider-Man universe. This couldn’t have happened because Sony didn’t own the rights to Doctor Strange’s movie. When Spider-Man 2 was in development, Miramax held the rights, while Paramount took control of Doctor Strange in 2005 until Marvel Studios regained control in 2009.

It was a fun mention for Marvel fans regardless of the empty tease of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange coexisting in the same world. Doctor Strange and the Marvel universe’s horror/supernatural elements were a natural fit for Spider-Man 2 because of Sam Raimi’s personal love of the character and his desire to incorporate him into the film, even if a crossover wasn’t possible.

Raimi’s Spider-Man Universe Could Be the Source of Defender Strange


Sam Raimi

It’s possible that Raimi’s involvement in Doctor Strange: The Dark World means that Spider-version Man’s of the sorcerer can finally be seen in the movies. Defender Strange, in fact, may have already accomplished this in terms of marketing. This would mean that the MCU’s Doctor Strange has been a hero for a lot longer than the MCU has claimed. That the Spider-Man: No Way Home trilogy took place many years ago made it clear that Dr Strange would have been a much younger man back then. However, as he’s grown into a more well-known superhero, that may be how he ends up being known as Defender Strange.

Another scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home might support this theory. That the Avengers do not exist in this world is confirmed by Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. Raimi’s films never featured any other superheroes besides Spider-Man, so it made sense. Despite the fact that the MCU’s Avengers do not exist in this world, it could be a sign of how different it is from the MCU. Dr Strange 2 may reveal that Raimi’s Spider-Man universe has a version of the Avengers called the Defenders. Doctor Strange could have formed his own team of superheroes before the Avengers had a chance to do so in this reality.

Maguire’s Multiverse Cameo Could Be Explained by Defender Strange

Tobey Maguire As Spiderman

Tobey Maguire As Spiderman

Rumors of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 have been circulating since Sam Raimi’s involvement in the film. As the sequels’ various multiverse cameos, such as Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Tobey Maguire’s return in NWH, have grown, this speculation has only continued to increase. With Doctor Strange 2 being a logical choice for Marvel, it’s not clear how Marvel could bring together Maguire and Raimi for more Spider-Man scenes without it feeling like a gimmick.

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man cameo in Doctor Strange 2 could be possible if Defender Strange is from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe. When in the world of Defender Strange, it’s as simple as catching a glimpse of Spider-Man in action. Defender Strange could also use Maguire’s Spidey as a known hero to recruit him for another third-act multiverse fight if Marvel wants Maguire’s Spidey involved. Bringing Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man back into the fight in the sequel would be a simple matter for Doctor Strange.

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