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How Did Gorr Gain His Powers To Go Against Thor?

By Romesh Khatri
June 14,2022

Even though Thor: Ragnarok was a great movie on its own, one thing which didn’t end well was the underused role of Kate Blanchett as Hela. She appears at the start of the movie. Then she goes to Asgard to rally its population, to conquer the whole nine realms. When that doesn’t happen, she awakens her previously dead army to fight alongside her. Then Thor and the team show up to stop her. And they unleash Surtur to finish her and the rest of Asgard while they make way for Earth.

Given the immense talent of Kate Blanchett as Hela, it was difficult for many to see her last for just one marvel movie. Though we think that Hela’s role is over in MCU, there is some theory that she will be the one who will give her powers to Gorr. Let’s discuss how it can happen.

Gorr’s Origin in Marvel comics

As per Thor comics, Gorr gained his powers from Knull (The source of the first symbiote, in a sense the source of Venom and Carnage). Gorr was born on a planet with harsh realities. Even though the Gorr’s race worshipped god, they didn’t receive any help in return. Many of Gorr’s people died due to the environment, including his wife and children. As a result, he got disillusioned by god worshipping and was exiled by his race.

While in exile, he stumbled across two gods fighting, Knull and Golden God. When the losing Golden God asks Gorr’s help. This makes Gorr furious, as the gods were not there for him when he needed and now they ask for help.

Gorr with the necromancer sword

Gorr with the necromancer sword

Gorr takes Knull’s blade, The Necromancer Sword, and kills the Golden God. He also vows to kill all gods existing.

How MCU can change Gorr’s origins

Necrosword has been mentioned once in the MCU previously. In the What If…? Episode 2 (T’Challa became Star-Lord). When T’Challa goes to fight against The Collector, there is Hela’s helmet in the Collector’s locker. Even the Collector wears it and is able to wield swords like Hela. He then mentions them by their name, Necrosword.

Now, how did this Necrosword goes to Gorr when we clearly witness Hela getting destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok? Or do we?

At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, we see Surtur and Hela fighting, and Surtur ultimately destroying Asgard in the process. But the end of Hela is shown. One theory is, that Hela and Surtur are still present in MCU and are still fighting. They will eventually fall on Gorr’s planet and that’s how Gorr will gain the power of Necrosword. So, the essential story remains the same, only the characters have been changed this time.

Thor vs Gorr

Looking at the latest trailers, we also know that Greek Mythology gods will be present in Thor: Love and Thunder. Zeus is shown as a lavish God-king, having fun and enjoying at the expense of human misery. This has been the main motivation for Gorr to kill gods, and he will unleash his might on the Greek gods. 

How Thor comes into the story is there to be seen. Does he gets in contact with Gorr first, then goes to the Greek gods for help or warning? Or he is there on another mission when Gorr strikes? Thor will recognize Hela’s powers and Necrosword. Being at his peak, still Thor was unable to defeat Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. It will be increasingly hard for him to battle Gorr with the same powers. Hopefully, Jane as Mighty Thor and Stormbreaker Axe will be the key to Gorr’s defeat.

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