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How Did Kamala Gain Her Powers In Ms. Marvel?

By Romesh Khatri
June 14,2022

In the comic book series of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s powers are more of a combination of Ant-Man and Mr. Fantastic. She has the ability to stretch her body parts and change her body size. She is also able to heal herself from wounds if she is not in the morphing state. But the Ms. Marvel TV show differs in this. Her powers shown are more in line with Captain Marvel’s cosmic energy. In episode 1, she is able to manifest ‘Hard Light’. A blue light projection based on her imagination (Like someone certain greener, more lantern!).

There is also the matter of how she got her powers in the show. We see her placing her grandmother’s bangle at AvergersCon, which was the ultimate cause. A blue forcefield surrounds her body and sends her to a mysterious dark place filled with glowy-eyed beings. She is transported back to reality, triggered by camera flashes, bolts out sheets of light, and then save a fellow student by enlarging her hand from the ensuing chaos. But there lies some deeper meaning and foreshadowing throughout the episode. Let’s take a deeper look.

Kree Created The Bracelet

Kamala activates the bracelet and a speck of light is seen.

Kamala activates the bracelet and a speck of light is seen.

Throughout the episode, Kamala’s mother keeps telling her about her grandmother and how she used to live in a fantasy land in her head. When Mrs. Khan sees her daughter handling the bracelet, she tries to keep them apart. When Kamala finds them in her attic, there is an ominous thunder around her. The bracelet has mysterious engraving and a sun-like logo around it. This shape is a direct reference to comic books in which Kree use the same emblem for their empire sign.

Was Kamala’s Grandmother An Inhuman

The Inhumans Show

The Inhumans Show

In addition to using Kree-made equipment, there is also a moment in the episode when Kamala manifests the hard light without using her bracelet. After reaching home after AvengerCon, she tries to climb to her window with the help of her best friend, Bruno, but she is not able to reach the height. Then she generates a step in the air to help herself climb.

This incident shows the bracelet is just a part of her powers or means of unlocking them.

The closest link between Kree and humans is the royal family of Inhumans. These are the prehistoric human beings whom Kree tortured for experiments. They developed superpowers as a result. This plot indicates that Grandmother Khan may be of Inhuman descent, passing the gene to Kamala herself. Mrs. Khan may be hiding the secret from Kamala or the rest of her family. That is why the family shifted to the USA to move away from its past.

Is Ms. Khan Hiding Something Else?

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel

When Kamala and Mrs. Khan reach home to find Bruno and Mr. Khan playing with gadgets, while Kamala is busy chatting with Bruno about their plans to go to AvengersCon, Mrs. Khan brings out packed food for Bruno. When Bruno asks her how she did it so fast, she mentions it’s her secret. It may have been a simple joke, mom being a mom. But there could be some deeper meaning to all this. Could it be that Mrs. Khan is also harboring some powers of her own?

With only one episode to refer to, there are still too many explanations open to Kamala gaining her powers. We will surely get those answers in the upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, check the episode on Disney+Hotstar and stay tuned for episode 2 dropping on 15th June.


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