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How Does Laenor Live? House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Ending Explained

By Chandraboli Majumdar
October 3,2022

House of the Dragon episode 7 had one of the biggest twists ever. Fans are wondering what exactly happened as Laenor is seen alive. They have been wondering whether Daemon and Rhaenyra were involved in the plan of faking Laenor’s death. Or did they just want him killed? It could be that Qarl wanted to save his dear Laenor and thus helped him fake his death. Everyone is confused as to Daemon and Rhaenyra’s true intentions. So here we are explaining the ending to you and giving you our take on the twist.

How does House of the Dragon episode 7 end?

Laenor Velaryon escapes from Driftmark with Qarl Correy after faking his death

Laenor Velaryon escapes from Driftmark after faking his death

House of the Dragon episode 7 starts with the funeral of Laena Velaryon at Driftmark. This is where Rhaenyra and Daemon are reunited after over 10 years of being away from one another. Laenor continues to be a lousy husband to Rhaenyra and an absent father to his three children. Eventually, Rhaenyra and Daemon start talking once again and she confronts him about abandoning her back then. Then they give in to their incestuous desires and spend the night together.

The next morning, Rhaenyra even proposes that she and Daemon get married in Targaryen custom. However, for this marriage to be legitimate, Laenor needed to die. So they plan Laenor’s murder with his paramour Qarl Correy. Now we come to the end of the episode. While Lord Corlys and Princess Rhaenys believe the burnt corpse found in the hall of High Tide to be their son, Laenor Velaryon, he was actually escaping Driftmark with Qarl in a tugboat.

Every sign that Daemon and Rhaenyra planned the fake death

Qarl and Laenor fight during House of the Dragon episode 7

Qarl and Laenor fight during House of the Dragon episode 7

There were multiple signs from the very beginning that indicated Daemon and Rhaenyra were in on it.  Right when Rhaenyra starts plotting the plan, she claims that she loves Laenor. So it is natural that she would choose to give him freedom instead of murdering him. Then when Daemon approaches Qarl Correy to supposedly kill Laenor, he too is actually suggesting they run away. Daemon has lived a life in Pentos. He knows that beyond the Narrow Seas people were much kinder to different sexualities and all you needed to survive was gold. No one cared about your name or who you were there. And that’s exactly what he tries telling Qarl when he mentions a life their, free of responsibilities and judgement.

Rhaenyra and Daemon talk about fire and sea

Rhaenyra and Daemon talk about fire and sea

Another sign that Daemon and Rhaenyra were in on it, is the fact that Daemon was present at High Tide when Qarl picked a fight with Laenor. Infact he helped Qarl enter the castle by debilitating a man that stood guard. Even the fight between Laenor and Qarl seems staged. Qarl says that Laenor always made him feel less and diminished. But this was never the case. Additionally the burnt corpse that was found in the hall wearing Laenor’s boots was most likely the same guy that Daemon had rendered unconscious.

The last little hint that Rhaenyra used to tease the twist ending was when she said the Sea offers an escape. This is absolutely true for Laenor who was able to escape the lies that he had been calling a life. Instead, with his newfound freedom, he could enjoy the rest of his days with his paramour at the lands beyond the Narrow Seas.

What was the reason for faking Laenor’s death?

Rhaenyra proposes marriage to Daemon

Rhaenyra proposes marriage to Daemon

There are several reasons that were cited by Rhaenyra herself. But there is also a reason why they chose to fake his death instead of actually killing him. Not just Rhaenyra, but Daemon too thought of Laenor somewhat fondly. They thought him to be a kind and thoughtful man. After all, Rhaenyra would not want to kill her cousin who was also her husband.

The obvious reason for faking his death is that Daemon and Rhaenyra could then marry. This would strengthen Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne even further. She needs him by her side now more than ever as the greens keep getting stronger. And lastly as Daemon rightly says, a king needs to be feared. People of the realm would fear Rhaenyra if they saw her capable of killing her own cousin and husband.