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How Does The Bacta Tank Work In The Book Of Boba Fett?

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 17,2022

The Bacta Tank has become a regular feature of The Book of Boba Fett. The fearsome bounty hunter spends a lot of time in that goop. Also, that tank serves as a flashback chamber.

But what is this Bacta Tank, and why does Boba Fett spend so much time in it? If you also want to know the answers, then read on below:

What Is A Bacta Tank?

Luke Skywalker in Bacta Tank

Luke Skywalker in Bacta Tank

Bacta tanks are pods fit for a person. They are filled to the brim with a liquid known as “bacta.” This liquid accelerates healing abilities. Bacta can regenerate the body by completely healing wounds and replacing scar tissue. Also, it provides pain relief.

Bacta was made by Vratix. They are sentient insectoid species. Long-time viewers of Star Wars know that in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker also used a tank to heal himself after suffering through frostbite.

Are you wondering how much this costs? Then you know what it does cost a lot in Star Wars currency. You will roughly have to pay 100,000 credits for a Bacta Tank. Know that the value of one Star Wars “credit” is generally thought to be equal to one U.S dollar.

That’s an eyebrow-raising price. But considering everything a Bacta Tank can do, it does seem worth it to buy one, even though it’s clearly expensive.

Why Does Boba Fett Visit His Bacta Tank Frequently?

Boba Fett in his Bacta Tank

Boba Fett in his Bacta Tank

Boba has suffered some serious injuries. He fell into the Sarlacc Pit, where he got digested by whatever acid there was in the giant thing’s stomach. After that, his armor was taken by Jawas, and he was left to rot in the deserts of Tatooine for an unspecified period.

During that time sandstorms, and the sun did more damage to his skin. So basically, Boba Fett’s whole body is scar tissue right now. As such, it makes sense that he would want to spend time in the Bacta Tank. But beyond just healing his body, Boba Fett may be using his time in the Tank to heal his mind as well.

And if this is true, he won’t be the first person to use that technology for this job.

Darth Vader Used Bacta Tank To Heal Himself

Darth Vader in Bacta Tank in Rogue One

Darth Vader in Bacta Tank in Rogue One

Maybe the most well-known use of the healing Bacta Tank in Star Wars comes from Darth Vader. He relied a lot on it to treat the brutal wounds he received on Mustafar.

Vader used the tank to heal his destroyed body and retain organ function. He used the Bacta Tank after every lightsaber duel. Some fans think that the reason he was so slow during his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope was that he was away from his bacta tank for long.

Vader’s time using the tank reveals that there are limits to this fictional healing technology. After all, even though he used the Bacta Tank for more than 20 decades, his body never really healed.

As we saw at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Vader’s skin stayed mottled and gray. But it also needs to be said that Darth Vader wasn’t using the tank to just heal his body.

When he submerged himself in the liquid, it lessened the pain he felt, and that allowed him to study and meditate on the Dark Side of the Force. So similarly, maybe Fett is using the healing tank for more than physical recovery as well.

It’s quite fair to assume that the physical injuries must be causing him some pain all of the time. So maybe when he is submerged in the liquid, the pain finally abates, and he can focus on other things, like how he can better control his criminal empire.

Maybe we will get more information as new episodes of The Book of Boba Fett air every Wednesday on Disney+.

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