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How Hulk’s Cameo Is Set Up By Moon Knight’s Premiere

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 2,2022

There hasn’t been a Marvel Studios film like Moon Knight since its inception. This is the MCU’s first “legitimate character study” since Iron Man in 2008, according to Oscar Isaac, the series’ star. In addition, executive producer Grant Curtis has stated that the show has “no attachment to the current MCU,” which suggests that Moon Knight will function primarily as a stand-alone.

Just like Isaac and Curtis had predicted, Moon Knight’s first issue was exactly what they had predicted it would be like. Steven Grant’s frantic attempts to deal with everyday life are the focus of Episode 1. The daily life for the gift shop employee takes place in London, England, 3,459 miles away from New York City, the MCU’s capital.

When it comes to Grant’s sidekicks, they’re all fellow newbies to the MCU. There were no familiar faces among the cast members, from Ethan Hawke to Lucy Thackeray, who played Donna, before Wednesday’s premiere. There is no guarantee that the rest of the season will echo the first episode’s sentiments.

Bruce Banner Spotted In Moon Knight’s Premiere?

World War Hulk Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner

The first episode of Moon Knight focused on Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, and explored his workday, social life, and nighttime routine. Checklist for bedtime includes stringing blue tape along with his door, sprinkling a crescent of sand on his wood floor, and chaining his foot to the headboard. For the sake of keeping him from wandering in his sleep, this is all being done.

Although Grant makes every effort to keep himself at, but, he is unable to do so. Grant was unconscious for a full weekend when he woke up from his blackout, which he initially thought was a dream. Grant relinquishes control of his body to Marc Spector after he is attacked by a jackal in the British Museum.

The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton as the gamma scientist, depicts Norton’s character going to great lengths to suppress his rage monster alter ego. To keep his mind under control, Banner leaves the United States, goes online using aliases, and practices yoga. It was only after the arrival of Mark Ruffalo as Hulk that the two men’s relationship improved, as the original Avenger revealed his “secret” to dealing with Hulk: “always angry.”

After five more Cameos in the MCU, Banner and the Hulk would have reached their zenith of synergy. His “brawn and brains” were “put together” after 18 months in a gamma lab to create Smart Hulk.

Smart Hulk As A possible mentor

Bruce banner in Moon Knight

Bruce banner in Moon Knight

Steven Grant is currently in the same situation as Bruce Banner was in 2008. Grant is both vulnerable and afraid. Finally, he’s paralyzed by fear of his own shadow. In these “confusing” times, Banner is the best person to help Grant. As Grant’s lifelong mentor, the scientist is uniquely qualified to help him master his inner demons. While Iron Man armor upgrades were based on Tony Stark’s mistakes, Banner has run trial and error on just about every Hulk trick in the book.

During the summer of 2014, Ruffalo and Isaac were spotted together in Budapest, where Moon Knight was filming at the time. “I don’t want to spoil anything,” Ruffalo said in response, leading many to believe that the veteran actor is keeping a secret.

The MCU’s resident recruiter, Ruffalo’s Banner, is also in place. A surprise Cameo by The Hulk/Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ mid-credits scene as they welcomed Simu Liu “to the circus” was a pleasant surprise. During She-Hulk, Banner helps his cousin understand her newfound powers, and the “recruiter” vibe continues. Bruce Banner will visit Marc Spector by season’s end, but The Hulk’s cameo in Moon Knight is still a fantasy.

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