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How Is Gorr The God Butcher Related To Moon Knight?

By Romesh Khatri
June 14,2022

Moonknight, the MCU TV series, is well received by the audience. One of the series’ highlights was Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the character. Moonknight is a particularly difficult character to portray because he has multiple personalities inside himself. Isaac plays the switch between Stephan grant and Marc Spector very efficiently. Another highlight of his acting prowess is a scene in the council of gods, where he also portrays Khonshu. While he is shouting Khonshu’s angry words, his face shows confusion.

But there is another peculiar thing about the council scene. There are about 4-5 gods to be shown in the council. Actually, in the whole Moonknight series, a very small number of Egyptian gods are shown. Knowing the pantheon of Egyptian deities, this less amount signifies the existence of another powerful being in MCU. A being who we will meet soon in Thor: Love and Thunder, with the name: Gorr the God Butcher.

Easter Eggs In Moon Knight

Moonknight episode 3 showed the Egyptian God council (and the first God’s introduction after Asgardian mythology). In the council, there were four empty seats. No gods nor their avatars were present in the meeting.

In Moonknight’s initial episodes, we see Stephan Grant working in London’s Egyptian museum and reading a book on Egyptian gods. The page Stephan read tells the story of a rift between Gods and Humanity. We later learn in the council that humans have stopped worshipping Egyptian gods, which is why they have left humanity.

MoonNight Episode 3 The Ennead

MoonNight Episode 3 The Ennead

But there could be another cause for the gods leaving humanity. The reason is a god serial killer hunting them down with the name Gorr. The empty seat in the council can mean that Gorr had already visited Earth before and taken care of the Egyptian side of the world. That is why the remaining Egyptian gods are now hiding with their avatars among humans. And will deal harsh punishment on anyone who brings attention to them.

Gorr’s Quest Against Gods

We also need to focus on why Gorr is killing all the gods, called the God Butcher?

Gorr is from a barren planet, born and lived in a very harsh climate. His race used to be absolute believers in gods. But he was an outsider and claimed there were no gods because if there were, they would not let Gorr and his people live in such bad conditions. Sadly, Gorr lost his family, including his wife and sons, to the realities. Then he came across two gods fighting. Gorr realized that gods were real, just that they didn’t care about Gorr and his planet. Enraged, Gorr killed both of them and vowed to kill every god he comes across.

Connection With Eternals


In the MCU movie Eternals, we found that every planet harbors a celestial. And the Eternal’s role is to take care of that Celestial. In comics, Celestials are a force against Gods. Thor even makes a team of 300+ gods of every mythology to fight against the celestials. It could lead to a three-way fight between Gods, and Celestials. 

Gorr is in the larger scheme of the MCU. And Gorr will not be there for just one Thor movie, he could play a bigger role in later ones.

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