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How Kamala Khan’s Superhero Powers Are Different From The Comics

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 11,2022

How different are Kamala Khan’s superhero powers different from the comics? It is revealed in the first episode of Ms. Marvel that Kamala Khan’s MCU powers differ from her comic book counterparts. Since she first appeared in the comics in 2013, Kamala Khan has been eagerly awaited by Marvel fans everywhere. This year’s announcement of a Ms. Marvel show on Disney+ confirmed that she would soon be a part of Marvel’s shared universe as the company’s first Muslim superhero.

In the MCU, Kamala Khan will play a prominent role in Ms. Marvel. It has already been confirmed that she will appear in a Marvel Studios film, The Marvels, where she will meet her favorite superhero, Captain Marvel, as well as Monica Rambeau. Ms. Marvel’s episode 1, “Generation Why,” firmly establishes Kamala Khan’s life and superhero origin, but there is still a long way to go before she fights alongside these two MCU heroes. A large part of the show’s focus is on instituting Kamala Khan’s normal school and social life, as well as her relationship with the Avengers.

After Ms. Marvel episode 1, Kamala Khan’s life undergoes a dramatic shift. Her days of fantasizing about being a superhero as a normal adolescent are over, as she now possesses superhuman abilities that she must master. Marvel’s powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are vastly different from those comic book readers are used to. As expected, the first episode of Ms. Marvel gives us a better look at Kamala Khan’s additional powers and origin in the MCU.

The Comic Book Powers and Origin of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

In high school, Kamala Khan begins her comic book journey to becoming a superhero, long after her love for Captain Marvel is sparked. Upon her return to Jersey City after a night out, she discovers that the city has been overtaken by Terrigen Mists.

As Kamala had no idea that she was carrying Inhuman genes dormant in her body, the Terrigen Mists set in motion her Terrigenesis. She is encased in a Terrigen cocoon and sees Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man. At the end of it, Kamala Khan’s inhuman powers kick in and she transforms into Carol Danvers’ younger self.

In Marvel comics, Kamala’s Captain Marvel transition reveals the core of her powers. In the Marvel Universe, she is known for her ability to alter her appearance. Her ability to transform herself into Carol Danvers isn’t how Kamala normally uses it. Most of the comic powers of Ms. Marvel revolve around Kamala’s entire body or a particular part of it, such as the arms and legs. As a result, she gains the ability to stretch and grow like Mister Fantastic and Ant-Man. As an added bonus, Ms. Marvel possesses a healing gene that is both faster and more powerful than that of a typical human being.

A look at what has changed with the MCU powers of Marvel superhero, Captain Marvel (& Why)

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel

The MCU has reimagined Kamala Khan’s roots and abilities in Ms. Marvel episode 1. After sneaking out, her powers continue to manifest, but they are not Inhuman powers in the same way. With Kamala Khan’s MCU powers tied to a family bracelet, Marvel Studios has omitted Terrigen Mists and the entire process of Terrigenesis.

Only after wearing the bracelet does Kamala experience a shift in her abilities and gain access to the cosmos. Rather than relying on her body stretching to use her embiggening powers, the MCU appears to have reimagined them as energy-based. The cosmic bracelet, which grants her the ability to create energy structures and platforms, allows her abilities to be expanded even further.

Kamala Khan has been the subject of much debate since the Ms. Marvel power change was first hinted at. No evidence exists to support the theory that Marvel altered them because of the stunning visual commonalities between Kamala’s abilities and those of Reed Richards in Reed Richards Despite the fact that Inhumans have yet to be established in the main MCU timeline, the appearance of Black Bolt in Doctor Strange 2 allayed any fears that the shared universe would be unwilling to deal with the race.

The real reason Ms. Marvel in the MCU has different powers is probably that she has a long-term place in the MCU. As soon as she’s given cosmic powers, she has a path to the rest of the Marvel Universe. As a result, Marvel Studios has some leeway in expanding Kamala Khan’s MCU origin story in Ms. Marvel and subsequent films as they see fit.

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