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How Many Post-Credits Scenes Does ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Have?

By Ganesh K
June 27,2022

Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder movie had its first screening and the movie receives a positive reaction with the two post-credit scenes building more hype for the future MCU projects.

According to the fans who have seen the movie, we can expect two post-credit scenes in the end.

While Variety’s Clayton Davis tweeted that “Thor: Love and Thunder is much more episodic than I would have suspected. Delivers big laughs. Very standard, cookie cutter villain with Christian Bale. I want the buddy cop comedy with Natalie Portman & Tessa Thompson. Matt Damon must go Broadway. Post credits are EPIC! Pure fun”.

Thor: Love and Thunder Mid-Credit Scene

Gorr And Thor

In the mid-credit scene of Thor: Love and Thunder, there is a possibility of introducing a new character in the MCU.

And it will be similar to the mid-credit scene in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness with the cameo of Clea.

Beta Ray Bill

While the new character can be Beta Ray Bill who is already teased in the Ragnarok movie.

However, the fans wanted to see Beta Ray Bill in the MCU. The new character can also be Hercules, Son of Zeus.

Thor Love Thunder Just Made The MCU Hercules Theory More Likely

Thor Love Thunder Just Made The MCU Hercules Theory More Likely

While we have Russell Crowe as Zeus in this movie and there are chances of the new character being Hercules.

Thor: Love and Thunder Post-Credit Scene

In the post-credit scene, the audience has said that this post-credit scene will tease the future of the MCU.

Then there is a possibility of it can be a tease for Thor 5 movie as Kevin Feige also mentioned in a recent interview.

“Well, there are these things called comic books that have a lot of stories in them – and that’s where all of our stories come from. And the question is, ‘Have you told all the great Thor stories from the comics in movies?’ The answer is no. There are lots of them.”

Why Thor Love and Thunder Is Marvel's Most Important Phase 4 Movie

Why Love and Thunder Is Marvel’s Most Important Phase 4 Movie

Although, there are some rumors about Deadpool appearing in the post-credit scene of the movie which has very less possibility.

The Thor: Love and Thunder movie hits the theaters on July 8 and July 7 in some countries.

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