How Many Years Does The Witcher’s Geralt Have Over Ciri?

The popular Netflix series The Witcher sees the titular protagonist Geralt take his Child Surprise Ciri, Princess of Cintra, under his wing. But we wonder how many years the monster slayer has been over her. The show’s lead characters are bound by destiny and the Law of Surprise. So evidently, following their meeting in The Witcher Season 1 finale, the two have faced everything together. Geralt and Ciri share a powerful father-daughter relationship. Which makes us wonder about their age gap. 

The Witcher’s Multiple Timelines

Geralt and Ciri uniting in The Witcher Season 1 finale

The Witcher masterfully switched between three different timelines in Season 1. While they were necessary to portray an individual story, the complicated jumps fell trap of the audience’s criticism. However, it is evident that Geralt and Ciri are the primary focus of the greater storyline.

Ciri’s mysterious powers related to the prophecy of her Elder Blood. Paired with Geralt’s role as protector and mentor. The various instances that led to the epic unison of the two were at times confusing. Essentially because of the timeline branching out on multiple occasions. But Season 2 sees a gradual and careful buildup as the two acquaint themselves, and the true nature of Ciri’s powers reveals itself. 

Age Gap Between Geralt And Ciri

Geralt and Ciri traveling the Continent

Outside the complicated storytelling, it is difficult to understand every character’s age. But we could at least try to figure out the approximate age gap between Geralt and Ciri. However, this isn’t easy. With the yellow eyes and iconic white hair, Geralt’s Witcher abilities grant him a longer life. Which is why it is nearly impossible to predict his exact age.

Also, Ciri’s initial storyline takes place on a different timeline. Hence, the scenario poses more challenges. With that said, it can be said that in the Netflix iteration of The Witcher, Geralt is almost 100 years older than Ciri. Although, this depends on a lot of things. 

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Geralt And Ciri’s Respective Ages

Ciri sword training with a mannequin at Kaer Morhen in The Witcher Season 2

In the Netflix show, we can literally see Ciri gaining years as the story advances. Which goes in line with books and video games. At the beginning of the books, Ciri was around 11 or 12 years old. And by the end, she’s in her mid-20s. And The Witcher Season 1 confirms her age to be 12. Considering the show’s current pace, actor Freya Allan’s real age of 20 allows her to age in perfect alignment with her character as the Witcher lore progresses. Because as Ciri’s powers enhance and she trains better, she will grow into a mature woman. Ciri is currently in her early teens. 

It is comparatively difficult to estimate Geralt’s age. Henry Cavill, the man behind Geralt’s muscular demeanor, is 38 years old. And Geralt’s strengthened lifespan makes him a centenarian. The Witcher’s first episode sees Geralt encountering Renfri, which confirms the character’s age as almost 100. Which means, following the timeline of Season 1, Geralt is a few years over 100.

But in the Season 1 episode titled “Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials,” when news about Ciri’s conception is disclosed, it is hard to figure out how long Geralt has spent on his journey. But whatever may be the case, it is obvious that the difference in age between the two characters is that of a century. As an estimate, Geralt is almost a 100 years older than Ciri. 

Witcher Novels And Video Games

The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill

Just like his Witcher novels and video game versions, Henry Cavill’s Geralt has experienced great things. But he still has a long way to go. With that respect, Geralt does not appear to be 100. In fact, he looks like someone in his prime, willing to take on more intimidating tasks. Hence, with a 100 years over Ciri, Geralt seems more like a father figure than a seasoned teacher. The Witcher Season 2 has done a remarkable job at displaying their relationship. It is intriguing to see how Ciri will age and grow to be more daunting and strong in the upcoming chapters. 

The Witcher Season 1 and 2 are now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.