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How Marvel Scrapped The Showdown Between Doctor Strange And Nightmare

By Siddhant Chawla
August 24,2022

This year has been filled with marvel blockbusters. From WandaVision to Thor Love and Thunder, Marvel has shown us a bunch of well-written shows to a bunch of bad CGIs in movies.

2022 kick-started with MCU’s first Disney Plus show WandaVision, which turned out to be a big success. The events of WandaVision led straight to the events of Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch was the main villain in the movie. But we’ve been defied by Marvel, as we almost got to witness a showdown between Doctor Strange and Nightmare in the movie.

Leaked Concept Arts

Nightmare In Ancient Texts

Nightmare In Ancient Texts

The Leaked Concept arts give us a look at what Scott Derrickson’s version of the movie could have looked like.

Here we can see, ancient scripts depicting what appears to be a prophecy. A prophecy hinting towards the existence of a Demon-Lord named Nightmare.

Doctor Strange and Nightmare

Doctor Strange and Nightmare

In another concept art, we can see Doctor Strange near a lake. A frozen lake from the comics where his sister died. Dr. Strange in the comics visits the lake frequently in the memory of his sister. The lake is the same place where the showdown between Nightmare and Doctor Strange takes place.

Who Is Nightmare?



Nightmare, The Demon King of the Dream Dimension, is one of Doctor Strange’s and Ghost Rider’s most famous villains. One who has continuously tried to take over the universe but has been defeated by the sorcerers of earth.

Nightmare first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in 1951 created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He has also appeared in Marvel’s animated series Ultimate Spider-Man several times as one of the arch enemies of Spider-Man’s ally Iron Fist.

What Could’ve Been The Relevance Of The Lake?

The Frozen Lake

The Frozen Lake

The frozen lake in the comics is considered a trauma in Stephan Strange’s life. It is the place where his sister Donna Strange died, when they were kids.

Donna’s death was a turning point in Stephan’s life as it was the point where he decided to become a surgeon. It was the point he decided to save as many life as could. Which in the end led to him becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.

His sister’s death became a trauma for him that haunted him for years, as he couldn’t save her. That was the point he started to use his intelligence and expertise to save people

In 2016’s Doctor Strange, he’s seen to save a person from almost dying. The same is the case in the comics where he use his skills and bring back to life his patients from their near death.

Whatever may the reason be for Doctor Strange’s change of directors, it certainly didn’t turn out to be a good one. Let us all hope Scott Derrikson’s return for a possible sequel to Doctor Strange.

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