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How Mr Knight And Moon Knight Costumes Work In Latest Disney+ Show

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 10,2022

How do Moon Knight and Mr. Knight’s costumes work in Moon Knight? Because this is the first episode to feature the costumes, we don’t yet have a complete understanding of how they work. A reasonable conclusion can be drawn, however, based on both the show’s and comics evidence.

Summoning The Suit

Oscar Isaac as Marvel’s Moon Knight

“Summon the Suit” is Moon Knight episode 2. Here, Steven learns that he has been made an avatar of Khonshu and summons his suit. Mr. Knight is the name given to Steven’s costume when he wears the mask and white suit. This is what he does when he does it. While under Marc’s command, the traditional cape and cowl worn by Moon Knight in comics and other media are visible. This is despite the fact that they appear to be made of bandages in order to emphasize the character’s Egyptian heritage.

Although Moon Knight hasn’t gone into detail about how the costumes work just yet, based on what’s been shown so far, it’s not impossible to figure it out. A combination of Marc’s description of the Mr. Knight costume as ceremonial armor of Khonshu’s temple, as well as how Steven is instructed to “summon” the suit, suggests the suit has a magical power tied to being an avatar of Khonshu. This idea is reinforced by the suit’s ability to change appearance and weaponry based on the current commanding personality.

The Knights’ Magical Suits

Moon Knight 4

Moon Knight

Making Moon Knight’s armor magical changes the character’s appearance drastically from the source material. His costume is custom-made, has a built-in flashlight and radio, and is made of Adamantium. Not only this, but he also has the ability to fly. It wasn’t just that Marc’s costume wasn’t ceremonial armor; it wasn’t even connected to the character of Khonshu in any way. There was a lot of ambiguity about Khon shu’s existence in the original Moon Knight comics and the many comics that followed. However, the series has the magical aspects of Moon Knight explicitly real, so it may have made sense to change the costume to better match that.

There is no doubt that the Moon Knight and Mr. Knight suits of armor in the show are magical suits of armor controlled by a person’s will and mindset. Regardless of whether this is true, the show makes them distinct from how they appear in the comics. Meanwhile, at the same time, it provides a framework for the show’s magical elements as well as the Moon Knight’s multiple personalities. In the future, Disney+’s Moon Knight may provide more information about the costumes’ functionality. However, for the time being, this is how they’re most likely meant to be understood.

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