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How Ms. Marvel Series Ending Sets Up “The Marvels” Movie

By Ganesh K
July 14,2022

The Ms. Marvel series has a very interesting post-credit scene that sets up “The Marvels” movie in the MCU.

While Kamala comes back home after doing her superhero duties, suddenly her bangle starts to glow and switch places with Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel

Then Carol Danvers looks around Kamala’s room filled with Captain Marvel and some other Avengers posters.

And the post-credit scene ends with “Ms. Marvel will return in the Marvels”.

Ending Explained

In the comics, Kamala has the power to do shape-shifting but Carol Danvers looks around the room with confusion.

This definitely means they both switched places with each other because of Kamala’s bangle.

How could it be possible to switch places with each other using the bangle?

captain mar-vell

captain mar-vell

A similar incident happened in the comics, the original Captain Mar-Vell and Rick Jones used the Nega Bands to switch places.

While Captain Mar-Vell got stuck in another dimension called the Negative zone for most of the time.

But whenever Rick Jones holds the Nega Bands together and they both Switch places.


Shang-chi post-credits

However, in the Shang-Chi post-credit scene Carol Danvers came to know about the beacon sent from the Ten Rings.

Then Carol Danvers may be investigating the beacon but ended up in the Negative Zone.

And she finds the other bangle in the Negative Zone, when she touches the bangle it switches place with Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Creator On Post-Credit Scene

In a recent interview with Deadline, Ms. Marvel creator Bisha K Ali addressed the post-credit scene.

However, she never gave anything about how the ending scene connected with “The Marvels” movie.

Ms. Marvel Disney+ Episode Runtimes Revealed

Ms. Marvel Disney+

When she was asked, “What can you share about how those final beats set up the movie?”

“No, not a single thing. What we gave you on the show is all you guys are going to get.”- Bisha K Ali

The post-credit scene has created more hype and excitement for the Marvels movie but we should wait till next year.

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