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How Much Stronger Is Gilgamesh In Comparison To The Hulk?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 10,2022

For a Marvel hero like The Hulk, Gilgamesh currently ranks amongst the strongest in the Eternals. The green monster has been in the MCU longer than Gilgamesh. Naturally, Hulk’s MCU arc has focused on his incredible physical strength. Gilgamesh, on the other hand, has only appeared in Eternals. For this reason, he doesn’t have as much time to show off his strength-based abilities before he dies. In the comics, on the other hand, his abilities are so extreme that he can easily compete with the Hulk. There are only a few Marvel Comics characters who could challenge the Hulk in terms of strength, and Gilgamesh is among them.

Gilgamesh’s Skill Is Unlike Any Other



Like the Hulk, Gilgamesh’s transformation into a ferocious beast is a result of the potent cosmic Celestials programming him. Gilgamesh, like other Eternals, is fueled by cosmic energy. Meanwhile, the Green Goliath uses his rage to channel his superhuman strength. In spite of their differing origins, the two characters share many similarities. On the surface, they appear to be on an equal footing in terms of combat strength and endurance. Although a closer look suggests that one has a slight advantage.

Don Lee, who portrays Gilgamesh in Eternals, uses his boxing training to show that the superhero is more than just a strongman. Gilgamesh’s martial arts training and combat experience, as well as his super-strength abilities, make him an ideal opponent for his adversary in this battle. If the Hulk is going up against a fighter with Gilgamesh’s level of strategy and foresight, it may be difficult for him to keep up. The caveat here is that there is a stipulation.

Self-proclaimed “strongest one there is,” Hulk has proven time and again that he is an almost indestructible force. In addition, his self-proclaimed title never falters. He grows more powerful as his rage builds. Gilgamesh may only stand a chance against the Hulk or Smart Hulk when he is in one of his more normal states. This is due to the Hulk’s unpredictable strength. However, Gilgamesh may find himself clutching at straws if he has to face other overpowered versions of the Hulk, or merely the regular Hulk in a full berserker mode.

Gilgamesh May Return



Even the Hulk, when all is said and done, is subject to certain limitations. One of which is the fact that Bruce Banner can only summon his enormous strength when he is furious. Due to his inability to channel his rage, he becomes the weakest of the Avengers in terms of strength in Infinity War. The Eternal would win the battle if Banner didn’t have the proper motivation to fight Gilgamesh.

Because Gilgamesh died, this battle is currently out of the question. However, it’s possible that it could happen in the future. Though Gilgamesh died protecting Thena in Eternals, there are rumors that Don Lee may reprise his role as the character in an upcoming Marvel project. As a result, there is a distinct chance that fans will witness a face-off between these two titans. As exciting as it would be to see these two on the same screen, even if they don’t get into a fight.

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