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How Powerful Is Gorr’s All-Black Compared To Mjolnir & Stormbreaker

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 18,2022

One of Marvel’s most heinous foes, Gorr, is the main antagonist of Thor: Love And Thunder. And so his infamously deadly blade may be a match for Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker. When it comes to comics, Gorr is one of the most feared villains in the universe, and his goal is to eliminate all gods, including Thor, from existence. The All-Black sword he wields has a gruesome past, and we’ve already seen it in action in the MCU.

As one of the first MCU films, Thor features one of the longest-running characters in the MCU. Mjolnir, Thor’s magical hammer, was forged from the heart of a dying star and is one of the most iconic images of the Marvel Comics character. Originally, it was one of the most powerful single objects in the MCU, completely immobile by anyone but Thor and capable of destroying entire armies like bowling pins. However, a great deal has transpired since then. During Thor: Ragnarok, the destruction of Mjolnir demonstrated that there are far more powerful forces in the galaxy than previously thought. Essentially an improved version of Mjolnir, Thor has been using Stormbreaker since Avengers: Infinity War. Stormbreaker, on the other hand, seems to be on the verge of meeting its match.

Gorr’s All-Black Compared

Gorr the God Butcher


Gorr, All-Black, wields a dark sword that may be stronger than Stormbreaker. Gorr, a.k.a. “The God Butcher” in the comics, was not born with this sword. Knull, a primordial god of darkness, gave him the All-Black instead. Once, Knull used the sword to wage war against the Celestials in an attempt to bring the entire universe back to a state of twilight.

In both Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War, the outpost known as Knowhere featured the severed head of a Celestial that Knull killed. The Marvel Comics character All-Black has a fearsome reputation for being “made from living darkness.” With its help, the user can conjure up a cloak, weapons, and wings that allow them to fly at incredible speeds. For some reason, the All-Black chose Gorr to wield it because of his hatred and bloodthirst.

It’s impossible to know if the MCU’s All-Black will be faithful to the comic book version. Despite being described as one of the most powerful weapons known to the gods in the comics, Mjolnir was a lot less powerful in the films. Marvel Comics’ Mjolnir was capable of destroying an entire galaxy and levelling mountains with a flick of its wrist.

What About Stormbreaker?

The Stormbreaker as seen In Avenger: Infinity War

The Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker’s abilities have been left open-ended, unlike Mjolnir’s in the MCU, which was significantly less potent. Mjolnir’s comic-book counterpart, Stormbreaker, is more powerful than the MCU’s Mjolnir and may be able to demonstrate some of the more unusual abilities of Mjolnir. This weapon is clearly one to be feared after it was able to temporarily overwhelm Thanos’ fully powered infinity gauntlet.

Knull, a character who has yet to appear in the MCU, has a connection to All-Black. Knull is credited as the creator of Venom and the symbiote race from which he hails. Knull’s first symbiote, All-Black, is why it can corrupt its wielder.

Stormbreaker And All-Black Together

The Symbiote God, Knull to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder?


Comic book stories have shown this happening to characters like Loki, Galactus and Ego, with terrifying outcomes. It was from this severed head that the symbiotes and Venom were born. Knull has the potential to be a greater threat than Thanos. For this reason, Love and Thunder is a great way to unleash it.

Stormbreaker and All-Black are two of the most powerful weapons in the MCU. However, it’s impossible to say which one is more powerful. Thor will have a worthy opponent in All-Black. He also has the potential to be the more potent weapon of the two. There is no doubt that Thor: Love And Thunder will pit light against darkness in spectacular fashion.

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