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How Powerful Will Zeus Be Compared To Odin In Thor: Love And Thunder

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 4,2022

When it comes to Thor: Love and Thunder, how powerful is Russell Crowe’s Zeus, and how does he stack up against Anthony Hopkins’ Odin? When Russell Crowe first confirmed in March 2021 that he would be appearing in the upcoming Thor film, he revealed that his character would be none other than Zeus. Even though Russell Crowe’s role is small, Zeus is an important addition to Phase 4.

Asgardians and Olympians are two of the most important factions of gods in Marvel Comics, but there are many others. Eternals introduced a number of characters whose names were inspired by Gods from various pantheons, but so far, only Thor’s people have made it to the big screen. Thor: Love and Thunder’s inclusion of Zeus would open up a new swath of the Marvel Universe for the MCU, potentially paving the way for the introduction of the god Hercules in Thor 4. However, we don’t know yet what his appearance in the film will mean.

I wonder what the audience can expect from him. When you consider who Zeus is in comics and mythology, you know that Crowe’s portrayal of him will be a powerful one. Odin and Zeus are both “Skyfathers” in Marvel’s pantheons of gods, and both father multiple deities. Zeus, like the other Skyfathers, has a great deal of power in the comics. That he can defeat Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hercules and the like shows that he is a level above the rest of the superheroes. He can also defeat entire teams of super-powered heroes at once. Odin is one of the few characters who can even come close to him in terms of combat prowess. The entire planet has trembled when they’ve clashed.

This Is How Powerful Zeus Will Be In Love And Thunder



Odin and Zeus are two of Marvel Comics’ most powerful characters, and it’s difficult to say which one is superior. The difference in their abilities doesn’t appear to be that great. Others in the universe have also considered them equals. Zeus is on par with Odin in terms of power, so he should be a major player in the MCU if the studio does its job correctly.

It’s possible that Zeus’ inclusion in Thor: Love and Thunder is meant to highlight how dangerous Thor’s villain is. If you’re familiar with the comics, Gorr the God-Butcher has a reputation for going after and killing deities, so it’s safe to assume that the MCU version of his story will follow suit as well. Gorr may be sent after Zeus because most of the Asgardian gods have already died. In defeating Zeus, Gorr would prove to both Thor and the MCU audience that Gorr is one of Marvel Comics’ greatest villains. Thor will need a lot of help to defeat anyone or anything capable of killing Zeus.

Perhaps Russell Crowe’s Zeus will be introduced and killed in the same movie, but Thor’s Phase 4 armor suggests that Gorr will be his most powerful adversary to date. What role Zeus will play in Phase 4 is unknown, but if his protagonist is even mildly in line with his comic book counterpart, he will prove that his powers rival those of Odin’s. Zeus is certainly in jeopardy now that Gorr has entered the fray, so it will be interesting to see if Love and Thunder allows him to show off his full power.

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