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How Real Is The Bird Skull In Moon Knight’s Trailer?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 19,2022

Steven Grant is seen in the first trailer for Moon Knight questioning whether he is fearless when an enormous bird-like creature approaches him. However, Grant’s fear may be more than a figment of his mind. Regardless, this is the first time the public gets a glimpse of Khonshu, the ruthless vigilante who inspired Steven Grant to become Moon Knight.

Becoming Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

In the new Moon Knight trailer, it’s revealed that Steven Grant suffers from a condition that makes it impossible for him to tell the difference between waking and sleeping. Even so, he continues to experience what he believes to be hallucinations. Marc Spector, the primary personality of Moon Knight in the comic books, is diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder. This is evidenced by the fact that he is receiving calls where he is called Marc rather than Steven.

Grant/Spector’s journey to becoming Moon Knight will be marked by his encounters with the creature with the bird skull. This creature first appears to terrorize him in a dark hallway before dissipating in the latest trailer. When Marc Spector is saved from death in the comics by the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, he is chosen to be the Moon Knight’s priest/fist. In keeping with mythological descriptions, his depiction in comics features the bird’s skull as that of an eagle or falcon. This, as well as a staff, is topped with a crescent moon.

Khonshu As A Real Person


Khonshu Moon Knight

After some time, the question of whether if Khonshu was real or just Marc’s imagination was finally answered in the comic books, with the reveal being that the moon god was in fact real. As a result, the MCU is likely to feature a similar mystery. Whatever the case may be, Marc and his god have a tense relationship that could easily be carried over to the new series. It will be interesting to see how Spector and Khonshu’s relationship develops in the MCU, as he has shown himself to be a loyal member of the clergy at various points in his career.

That Steve/Marc will go through an adjustment period before becoming the brutal vigilante Moon Knight has already been confirmed by this new trailer. If he’s not in his head, he’ll doubt his own sanity, at least until he decides to just go along with the plans that this Egyptian moon god has for him. Real or not, Khonshu will play a significant role in Moon Knight’s journey.

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