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How Starfox & Thanos Could Be Important Titan Royalty In Their Own Way

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 17,2022

After watching the post-credits scene, for some reason, audiences were left wondering how Starfox became Titan royalty. This, and whether, if Thanos has the same privileges as a member of the Titan family. Fans learned about the existence of 10 immortal beings who were sent by cosmic entities known as “celestials” to Earth. During Eternals’ post-credits, stinger, Eros was introduced. Consequently, he quickly became one of the film’s most memorable characters.

Brother of Thanos and Royal Prince Of Titan



In the film’s mid-credits sequence, Pip the Troll introduces Starfox as “The Royal Prince of Titan”. Notwithstanding that Starfox is also introduced as the obvious “Brother of Thanos,” respectively. Thanos appears to be a member of the Titan royal family, just as Starfox is, according to the MCU. In Avengers: Infinity War, the MCU referred to the comic history of Titan’s royalty. A reference to the Eternal A’Lars, Titan’s king and father of both Thanos and Starfox, is made by the Red Skull. This was done when he and Gamora traveled to Vormir in search of the soul stone.

The MCU appears to be adhering to source material regarding Titan’s royal history. In Eternals, the main characters were revealed to be humanoid androids. For some reason, it was assumed that they couldn’t have offspring. Thanos and Eros were the Eternal A’Lars’ sons. Furthermore, Starfox’s royal lineage shows that the A’Lars fathered more than one child.

Will The Titan’s Lore Be Explored?



After a battle with the other Eternals on Earth, a faction of the Eternals left the planet and settled on Titan. After being exiled to Titan, A’Lars married a Titan Eternal and became ruler of the planet. A’Lars and Sui-San had two children, Thanos and Eros, who were to become Titan Royalty because of their parents’ union. This comic history appears to be canon in the MCU based on what was revealed in Eternals and Infinity War. Unless Starfox gets his own spinoff project, Marvel Studios is unlikely to explore Titan’s lore further.

Eternals’ two post-credits scenes, featuring Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox and Mahershala Ali as Blade, were a highlight of an otherwise divisive film. Starfox’s return to the MCU is still uncertain. However, as Marvel Studios continues to delve deeper into the cosmic side of the shared universe, expect to see him play a larger role. To date, there has been no official word on whether if there will be another Starfox appearance in Eternals 2.

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