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How The Multiverse Illuminati Team Was Set Up 6 Years Ago

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 29,2022

Secretly, six years ago, Marvel Studios inserted Doctor Strange into the Illuminati’s Multiverse of Madness group in the post-credits scene for the film “Doctor Strange.” The multiverse of the MCU is about to be introduced to its own version of the Illuminati.

A council led by Professor X and a version of Baron Mordo arrest Doctor Strange 2’s sorcerer, Benedict Cumberbatch, in the film’s trailers. A lot of people were caught off guard, despite how long Marvel had been preparing for this moment.

The scope and direction of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness appeared to change numerous times during its development. He learned about Infinity Stones and his role in protecting Earth from supernatural threats in Doctor Strange: Original Sin, which aired on Netflix in 2016.” Post-credits scenes showed Baron Mordo embarking on a mission to rid the world of sorcerers who had abused their abilities for evil.

Mordo Is Not The Same

It was widely assumed that Baron Mordo would be the main antagonist in a Doctor Strange 2 sequel, but the marketing for the film has revealed that he is actually more of an Illuminati member with connections to the multiverse.

The post-credits scene in Doctor Strange may not seem to have anything to do with a multiverse Illuminati team, but it does set up why Mordo is on the roster in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As a result of Strange’s efforts to stop Kaecilius and Dormammu, it’s plausible that he could find himself on a council that oversees the totality of the multiverse rather than just Earth’s sorcerers or the events of the primary MCU timeline.

Even though it isn’t clear if the Mordo in Doctor Strange 2 is a different version of the one featured in the first film or the same one, his off-screen progression to join the team works either way. Consequently, Marvel created the Illuminati six years in advance of their appearance in Doctor Strange.

Mordo, as a member of the Illuminati team in Doctor Strange 2, has the power to expand on his mission from the post-credits scene of the first film. A secret group of Marvel’s most powerful characters, the Illuminati, work together to keep the universe safe in Marvel comics. When the Skrulls invaded Earth, they were preemptively attacked by the Hulk, who was relocated to another planet due to his destructive potential.

How Mordo Will Navigate His Story Through The Sequel

Mordo announces Strange's Judgment with the Illuminati

It has been reported and confirmed that Phase 4 projects such as World War Hulk and Secret Invasion are a direct result of these events. The MCU’s version of the Illuminati could help Mordo achieve a greater goal than he had previously anticipated because of their vast resources, knowledge, and power.

A possible motivation for Mordo to go after Doctor Strange in the sequel is revealed in the post-credits scene. His arrest by the Illuminati is shown in the trailers, and it appears that he is unable to use his magic while he is in handcuffs. Once the Illuminati see Strange messing around with the multiverse, they may decide to step in, and Mordo is well aware of Strange’s history of irresponsibility when it comes to his magical abilities.

When it comes to Strange’s fate in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Illuminati may put it to a vote, but Mordo isn’t going to be happy about it. Maybe that’s why they’re going to fight in the multiverse Illuminati team’s headquarters.

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