How To Train Your Dragon Takes Flight In Live-Action Remake By Universal Pictures!

Universal Pictures Confirms The Development Of A Live-action Adaptation Of The Popular Animated Trilogy, How To Train Your Dragon, Directed, Written, And Produced By Dean

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 5,2023

Universal Pictures has officially confirmed the development of a live-action movie adaptation of the popular animated trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon. The franchise has gained a massive following worldwide since its release in 2010 and has grossed over $1.5 billion at the box office for Universal. The new live-action movie will be based on the story of the animated trilogy and will be directed, written, and produced by Dean DeBlois, the filmmaker behind the animated trilogy.

Release Date And Production Details

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the live-action remake will be released on March 14, 2025. The casting for the movie is still unknown, but the studio is reportedly preparing for production to start this summer. The project has been in the works since rumors began circulating in January 2023, originating from industry insider Daniel Richtman.

Adapting The Animated Trilogy

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

The live-action movie will be an adaptation of the animated trilogy, rather than a continuation of the series. The story follows the adventures of Hiccup, a Viking who befriends a dragon named Toothless, and their journey to bring peace between humans and dragons. The franchise has received numerous Oscar nominations, spawned sequels, and ventured into the world of TV with animated streaming series.

Dean DeBlois’ Involvement

Dean DeBlois

Dean DeBlois, the filmmaker behind the animated trilogy, will return for the live-action adaptation as director, writer, and producer. While it is not uncommon for movies to fall short when they transition from animation to live-action, having Deblois on board provides a vote of confidence for the project. How to Train Your Dragon is Deblois’ creation, and the opportunity to bring the world of Hiccup and Toothless to a wider audience is a chance to be celebrated.

Diversity In Casting

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

It remains to be seen if the live-action adaptation’s characters will align with or deviate from the books or animated trilogy’s depictions. Universal may also look to create a more diverse cast for this rendition, following the trend of recent live-action adaptations.

The live-action How to Train Your Dragon project is an exciting prospect for fans of the franchise to have on their radar. With production scheduled to start this summer, more details about the casting and the movie’s plot are expected to be revealed in the coming months.