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How Ultron Never Met The Wasp He Was To Be In Love With

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 15,2022

One of Marvel’s most ruthless villains isn’t without empathy, and Ultron is no exception. In some ways, he shares the emotional spectrum of his creator, albeit to a greater extent. In the MCU, it was Tony Stark, but Hank Pym was the one who did it. Among the many traits, Ultron inherited from his father was a strong desire for Janet Van Dyne, better known as the Wasp. His feelings for her became mutated into Ultron, who spent years trying to get his hands on her. Even though Ultron never met the Wasp in the MCU.

Getting The Missing Pieces Together



In the MCU, Tony had every right to create Ultron. A recognizable threat was needed for the Avengers’ sequel, and Hank Pym hadn’t yet been introduced to the public. The creation of artificial intelligence could not have happened without Stark, who had already established himself as the world’s preeminent engineer. Ultron had already been destroyed by the time Janet Van Dyne appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp, so the two never met.

Some of Ultron’s important backstory was lost in the haste to bring him to the big screen. In the eighth incarnation of Ultron, he decided to use Janet’s brain patterns to create a bride for himself. He snatched her and used his influence over Hank to have him implant her life force into the robot’s body. Jocasta, after Oedipus Rex’s mother/wife. At his worst, Ultron can still be poetic. As powerful as he is, he is ultimately stifled by his own thoughts and emotions, which make him unable to overcome the Hulk.

It’s clear that Ultron has a deep romantic interest in Janet, but it doesn’t end there. Apocalyptic events take center stage in the first issue of The Mighty Avengers. The Avengers are caught off guard when Tony Stark’s Extremis armor contorts and folds in on itself after they’ve defeated the Mole Man’s uprising.

Fans Seem To Overlook A Lot Of Details

Ant Man and The wasp Quantomania

The wasp

There is a huge explosion of light and a smoldering crater in which Janet Van Dyne stands, but she isn’t actually Iron Man. The Wasp, on the other hand, stays right next to Carol Danvers the entire time. After attempting to acquire Janet, Ultron has progressed to emulating her appearance to the point where he looks just like her. I’m living inside of her.

Adapting Ultron’s relationship with Janet would have been a missed opportunity to show how chilling he really is. It wasn’t quite as wild a version of Tony Stark as the comics’ Ultron depicted in Age of Ultron. Consequently, the MCU’s Ultron is far less dangerous than his comic book counterpart. Because of this, and the fact that he only lived for about a week, he didn’t make much of an impact.

However, fans overlooked what could have made Ultron an even more convincing villain by discarding his twisted infatuation, even though he was an Avengers-level threat.

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