How Venom And Spider-Man Can Create A Sony-Marvel Shared Universe

Everyone knows by now that Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to have a multiverse storyline. From Doctor Strange using his magic that presumably results in the multiverse colliding to introducing previous Spidey villains and the Spidermen themselves showing up, this movie is stacked.

However, this wasn’t always possible in the MCU. After all, Spider-Man spent years outside of the MCU before Marvel and Sony agreed to share the character. This led to Tom Holland’s appearance in the MCU. The success of his iteration has now led to this mega-crossover event. But that’s not all. It has also reignited Sony’s hopes of having a shared universe of their own.

Sony’s shared universe finally began in 2018 with Venom. However, their movies aren’t connected to the MCU. Till now, that is. But that can change very quickly. After all, the possibility of Venom and other Marvel characters held by Sony crossing over with Holland’s MCU Spider-Man is more possible now than ever before.

Fans have been speculating about all the past villains who could appear in No Way Home and how other properties might allude to this multiverse story. However, not many are considering that Venom 2 might be the one to set up the multiverse storyline we will see in No Way Home.

Venom 2 Might Introduce Venom And MCU’s Spiderman

Venom and MCU Spider-Man

One of the biggest rumours about Venom 2 is that MCU’s Spider-Man could show up in it. Now, similar rumours had circulated before Venom was released. But those didn’t pan out. Now, if Holland does show up in Venom 2, it will give rise to a shared universe between Marvel Studios and Sony.

However, that doesn’t necessarily or strictly need to be the case. Venom could operate in its corner and pretend that Holland was the Spider-Man of his universe. So essentially, Holland would have to play two versions. Now, this might get confusing for fans. But it is something that could be possible. However, we don’t think that fans want this.

Venom Meets Spidey In Another Reality Or Vice Versa

Spiderman and Venom

Fans want to see Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock meet Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man. Now, this can be done if Holland’s spidey shows up in an alternate reality and then gets confused about his surroundings.

The flip side could be done too. Venom could be the one who gets transported to another reality after defeating Carnage. It would help add him in Spider-Man No Way Home too.


The possibilities of Venom meeting MCU’s Spider-Man are endless. And the best part is that Holland doesn’t necessarily need to appear as well. After all, the trailer for the upcoming Morbius movie had a poster of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. Also, it confirmed Michael Keaton’s Vulture. So it’s possible that Sony might include Holland, and that might be how the Sony-Marvel shared universe gets set up.

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