How Was Luke Skywalker Able To See Rey And Kylo Ren's Force Bond
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How Was Luke Skywalker Able To See Rey And Kylo Ren’s Force Bond

By Ishita Chatterjee
October 31,2021

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we saw Rey and Kylo Ren develop a Force connection (Palpatine explained how this worked). Now, this connection bridged their emotions and minds. But the question is- how exactly was Luke Skywalker able to see that bond?

Star Wars has never really explained the exact limitations of Force powers like Force Ghosts and Force-bonds. Force Ghosts were once thought to be unable to access and interact with our physical world.

But in the Sequel Trilogy, we see Yoda and Luke doing just this on Arch-To. The Last Jedi seems to imply at first that only Rey and Kylo could perceive their bond. But there are potential reasons why Luke could see it as well.

All The Notable Cases Of Force Bonds In Star Wars

Kylo and Rey

Kylo and Rey

Force bonds are powerful almost-cosmic connections between only two Force users. And these two beings were also frequently deeply connected personally too. Luke Skywalker shared a bond with Darth Vader, his father, and they seemed to communicate using it in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

A Force bond also existed between Count Dooku and his previous master Yoda. This can be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In Star Wars Rebels, we noticed a bond between Ezra Bridger and Darth Maul, his enemy.

This happened when the duo fused a Jedi Holocron along with its Sith equivalent. Similarly, Rey and Kylo Ren were enemies in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, viewers will know that Ren tortured, captured, and previously attempted to murder Rey. But even then, a Force bond was created on Ahch-To.

In their case, as was with the previous instances in the canon Star Wars timeline, nobody was there with them when they spoke through the bond. As such, it seemed like they could see each other. Once they reconnected with the Force, Luke saw the two. He saw Kylo with Rey in the Ahch-To hut as if he was there.

Why Was Luke Able To See Kylo And Rey’s Force Bond?

Rey Skywalker, Palpatine And Luke Skywalker

Rey Skywalker, Palpatine, And Luke Skywalker

Now, there can be multiple reasons why this happened. For one, Force bonds can be seen by anyone who has Force sensitivity. Also, Luke might have been just so powerful that he was able to see the bond. It’s also possible that Ahch-To affected the bond as well. So let us dive deep into these three reasons.

Know that Force bonds, just like Force Ghosts, can be seen by anyone with Force sensitivity. Know that Luke was alone when he was communicating with Vader on the Millennium Falcon.

However, no one else on that ship had Force sensitivity to see the bond. Regarding Yoda and Dooku’s Force bond, Sidious used a Sith ritual to spy on them.



So it does seem to confirm that Force sensitivity is needed to see the bond. Also, Snoke was the one who took credit for bridging their minds. So if a third party made that bond, then maybe others could see it too.

Coming to the second reason, it needs to be said that Luke Skywalker is one of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy.

Throughout the entire franchise’s non-film canon material, Luke carries out extraordinary feats using his Force powers. This can be seen in The Last Jedi as well.

In that movie, Luke projected his image across the galaxy. So keeping this in mind, Luke has a pretty strong Force connection. As such, he could have seen what others might not, like Kylo and Rey’s bond.

Thirdly, Ahch-To, like other planets with a powerful Force connection (like Tython, Dagobah, Exegol, and Moraband), has a unique effect on the Force powers. After all, the two cases of Force ghosts accessing the physical world and interacting with it were on this planet as well.

So the world could have let Luke see a bond that otherwise would have been pretty invisible. Now, since Luke saw Rey’s Force bond to Kylo, this led to her seeking training elsewhere after The Last Jedi.

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