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How World Breaker Hulk is Better Than Savage hulk

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 28,2022

It’s safe to say that The Hulk is among Marvel’s most well-liked heroes. Since 1962, Bruce Banner’s savage twin has been a huge success, appearing in hundreds of stories. The fact that there are several Hulk incarnations is hands down cherry on top. Though most people think of the Hulk as “Mark Ruffalo transforming into a gigantic, growling green monster whenever time he gets upset,” the character has a rich and complicated backstory.

Although several “Hulks” exist, one can really call himself the strongest. His moniker is World Breaker Hulk, and he is a game changer. What he does best is do seemingly impossible displays of power while recklessly putting himself and others in harm’s way. His outings in comic books may be few and far between, but that has afforded me plenty of time to think of a few amazing abilities he has that the average Hulk does not.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk

So, let’s dig in.

1. Both Brain, and Brawl

The Worldbreaker’s intelligence and strategic prowess are what really differentiates him from Savage Hulk. A seething monster of suffering, terror, and anguish is all that makes up the Savage Hulk. He is an untimely ticking timebomb, and numerous of his deadliest attacks were spur-of-the-moment decisions.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk

In comparison, the Worldbreaker Hulk was a proven warrior, formidable combatant, and mastermind tactician. After uniting his Warbound on Sakaar and deposing the Red King, he went to Earth plotting his vengeance on the Illuminati by destroying the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Inhumans. To put it simply, he triumphed, and World War Hulk ended only he wished it to.

2. Can Fight Till Eternity

Among the many outstanding Worldbreaker skills, among the most covert is the ability to fight tirelessly. The most obvious change is probably a tremendous boost in strength, but his opponents may still use this force in a boxing-style approach. Just wear the big man down to the point where he’s vulnerable to a knockout blow.

However, the World Breaker Hulk has incredible strength and durability. In a nutshell, his stamina is almost limitless. Bruce Banner’s evil twin shows this when he refuses to give up his fight with the Red She-Hulk. Furthermore, in two volumes before this one, it is said that he can continue battling forever and ever.

3. Can Make Armour Out of His Own Flesh

The Worldbreaker’s power to sculpt his own skeletons into outer armor, in imitation of his namesake armor, was on display in Immortal Hulk and is a terrifying new facet of his power. The Devil Hulk has shown that he can tinker with his own physiology in interesting ways, a feat that the regular Hulk would never be capable of.

Illustrator Joe Bennett jolts viewers with multiple vivid moments of extreme gamma-powered monster in the Immortal Hulk saga, making it a masterwork of body horror. The Worldbreaker’s ability to create armor out of his own skin is only one example of his tremendous power.

4. Can Crush Sakaar’s Skull With a Single Hand

It is well known that the Hulk was previously married. That’s fascinating, and what’s even more intriguing is that they had a kid, Skaar, together as a result of the union. He inherited his father’s dual identities, humanoid and “Hulk-like,” quite potent forms. Its strength was sufficient to crack Juggernaut’s armor at least one time, but perhaps not as often as the Savage Hulk’s.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk vs Sakaar

Naturally, it pales in comparison to the Worldbreaker. When this Hulk faces up against Skaar, the Worldbreaker has no trouble at all. The unbelievable part is that with only one green hand, he can break Skaar’s skull. It’s a temptation he thankfully succeeds to resist.

5. Hate & Grief More Potent Than Savage Hulk

Hulk’s sadness over the loss of his beloved spouse and his hate of those he deems accountable to serve as a force multiplier in World Breaker Hulk’s arsenal. The more he fumes, the more power he regains.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk in Space

In a macabre manner, his late wife’s passing has actually served to fortify him. World Breaker Hulk, driven mad by rage and fury, is the most powerful Hulk ever. His feelings of loss, anger, and hate only reinforce each other.

6. One Punch Is All It Takes

Thunderbolt Ross, nicknamed Red Hulk, serves as one of Hulk’s most formidable adversaries. Jennifer Walters, also known as the She-Hulk, is his cousin. Banner’s true love, Betty Ross, also serves as the nefarious Red She-Hulk, a combination of the preceding two personas. The Hulk used his Worldbreaker abilities once again during a conflict involving Bruce’s monster to knock Red She-Hulk.

 World Breaker Hulk

World Breaker Hulk fighting Red She Hulk

Don’t think about why these two people who should be together are fixed on killing one another. What’s important is the harm done by their battle to everyone else around them. In a single tragic instant, the Hulk punched Red She-Hulk into space. Shockwaves reverberated across the galaxy, reducing the world to ashes and killing the formidable monsters who had been battling our monster.

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