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Hugh Jackman’s New Instagram Post Hints At Wolverine Return In MCU

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 18,2021

It looks like Hugh Jackman is teasing about the fact that he might be joining the MCU. Or at least fans are absolutely convinced that he is going to be in the MCU. After all, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing Wolverine apart from Hugh Jackman. This is because the actor has pulled out those claws for 20 years.

The last time Jackman played Wolverine was in 2017’s Logan. So Jackman’s days playing Wolverine has been over for about 4 years now. However, the MCU isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems like they are on their way to introduce the Fantastic 4, and the X-Men after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.

Right now, it seems like the first mutant to join the MCU will be Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds has already shot a little scene with an MCU character. However, he won’t be the only one as Marvel boss Kevin Feige already confirmed in 2019 SDCC that the X-Men will be introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Wolverine Return In Marvel

So since then, there have been persistent rumors about Jackman coming back as Wolverine. However, other actors have been fan cast for the role as well. But right now, it looks like a new actor will not be donning those claws.

Hugh Jackman Posts A Wolverine Pic On His Instagram

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

In a recent Instagram story shared by Hugh Jackman, the actor seemed to tease that he might be coming back as Wolverine. He posted two images involving Marvel. One was a fanart from the famous creator Bosslogic, and another one was Jackman with Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

However, these weren’t the only things he posted. There was also a third image where he talked about Richard Donner’s passing. Now, this isn’t outright confirmation at all that Jackman is returning as Wolverine. But it does seem a little odd that he posted Wolverine fan art a few days ago and then followed it up with a picture of him and Feige today.

Does Hugh Jackman Want To Play Wolverine In The MCU?

Charles Xavier and Wolverine in 2017's Logan

Charles Xavier and Wolverine in 2017’s Logan

Now, Hugh Jackman has said before that if the X-Men do get introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe, then he would like to keep on playing Wolverine. However, he made that comment back in 2017, so things can change. But this comment does show that he is ready to play Wolverine again if Disney wants him to.

Now, the general consensus is that Disney is rebooting all the characters of the X-Men who we saw in the Fox productions. But that doesn’t mean that we should rule out Jackman’s return. After all, Jackman is the most notable actor out of all the others who have portrayed various X-Men. And the shoes are so big to fill it seems like whoever new gets chosen will inevitably face backlash.

Loki introduced the multiverse concept

Loki introduced the multiverse concept

But if Disney hires Jackman, then they can avoid that division. In fact, there’s even an easy way to do it. After all, we saw that the concept of the multiverse was introduced in Loki and so they could introduce the X-Men as being from an alternate universe. However, there’s a counterpoint. Know that the 2017 Logan movie, which was commercially and critically well-received, was a great sendoff for the actor. So bringing in a fresh face might be the best thing to do for the MCU.

However, there’s still time before the X-Men get introduced in the MCU. So Disney and Feige will have a lot of time to think over what to do and how to give the X-Men the best chance of success in the MCU.

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