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Hulk Vs Abomination! Who’ll Take The Trophy Home

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 27,2022

In the past, Abomination has shown to be Hulk’s most formidable foes, even beating him while the latter was relatively composed. However, while the Hulk’s strength increases, Abomination’s often doesn’t, which is why the Hulk often prevails in their fights.

But is that always the case? Let’s find out who’ll emerge victorious between Hulk and Abomination.

I’m Abomination 

The monstrosity Emil Blonsky nicknamed the Abomination, first appeared in Marvel Comics. The fictitious monster, developed by Stan Lee as well as Gil Kane, made his debut in Tales to Astonish in 1967. Hulk faces him again and again as one of his many opponents.

While working as a Russian spy at the Gamma facility in New Mexico throughout World War II, Emil Blonsky uses Doctor Bruce Banner’s gamma-ray generator to expose himself to an even higher dosage of radiation than what created the Hulk. Then, while keeping his mind intact, he becomes a monstrous being capable of devastating attacks.

Hulk Vs Abomination

Abomination in Marvel Comics

Blonsky eventually realizes that he can’t escape this shape. After that, he repeatedly faces off against the Hulk. Blonsky becomes infatuated with Hulk after being abandoned by Nadia; he plans to murder Bruce Banner’s spouse Betty by inoculating her with his plasma so that Banner would blame him for releasing harmful radiation. However, Banner learns of Blonsky’s cruel intentions and ultimately defeats him while transformed into the Hulk.

Once his adversary decided to forgive him, Blonsky came to terms with the fact that he was the one responsible for all of his bad luck. After many weeks, Colonel Ross tries to influence the Hulk into battling the Abomination. After narrowly escaping death, being arrested, and enduring horrific forms of abuse, the latter is shown a video depicting his childhood with his family before he was turned into a beast on a repeat as part of his punishment.

That’s messed up even for Ross!!!

The Incredible Hulk

We all know who Hulk!! He’s the green baddie and the extra package that comes with Dr. Breuce Banner or you could say that he serves as a Brawl for Dr. Banner. Dr.Bruce Banner is an intellectual giant, yet he is also physiologically frail, spiritually numb, and socially awkward.

Banner throws Rick Jones, a young driver who had ventured into the research area, into a ditch to protect him from the gamma reactor’s explosion, but in doing so, Banner himself gets caught in the boom and exposed to very high doses of radiation. Later, when he wakes up, he doesn’t appear to have any ill effects from the encounter, but at midnight he turns into the Hulk.

Hulk Vs Abomination

The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk is a giant creature with green skin who has incredible superhuman power. It’s as if they’re two different people sharing the very same body, and they hate each other. In most contexts, the Hulk’s power is portrayed as directly proportional to his degree of rage. Although Banner’s shattered psyche usually gives the Hulk a ferocious, disruptive attitude, some interpretations have shown him as a bright warrior or clever inventor.

So, Who’s Stronger

Comparable to the Hulk’s strength and durability, the Abomination has monstrous muscular prowess. But there are also some key distinctions: The mutation had no effect on Emil Blonsky’s IQ, and his newfound power makes him even more formidable than the Green Giant in his “placid” state. However, the Abomination’s power doesn’t really grow as he grows furious, which means that Banner if he is “infuriated” enough, could be able to knock him out for good.

The Abomination has the strength of 200 tonnes, making it twice as large as the Hulk in its “quiet” form. He can make a vertical jump of up to three kilometers because of the incredible strength of his superhumanly muscular legs. He usually gets where he’s going by taking long, sweeping jumps. It can endure multiple strikes from the Hulk because of the rough, incredibly robust skin that shields it from strong stresses like the force of artillery rounds or harsh pressures.

Hulk Vs Abomination

Hulk fighting Abomination in Hulk movie

What’s more, he can’t get any illness from Earth and will never become sick. The regenerative abilities he has are a result of his exposure to gamma rays. In this way, he can recover from non-lethal injuries and even regrow his eyeballs if they’re damaged, but at a considerably slower rate than Banner.

Hulk is not only very strong but also incredibly resilient. Due to the gamma rays that granted him his unique green flesh, he is able to resist strikes and impulses of incredible power with little to no injury. Bombs, explosives, artillery rounds, and even rockets have all struck him without harming him. In reality, he is immune to the effects of projectile weaponry. We have witnessed the Hulk resist the effects of atomic bombs on many occasions, including in Antarctica when he battled Thor. The former also successfully blocked a synchronized supernova strike from the Human Torch as well as lightning from Storm of the X-Men.

Hulk Vs Abomination

Hulk facing off against in Abomination in Avengers Videogame

Abomination vs Hulk: Who’ll Come Out Victorious and Unharmed

Dude!! Victorious I can deduce, but Unharmed not so much since they’re both equally strong, aggressive, and violent.

Now, the villain was originally envisioned as an improvement upon the Hulk. Indeed, he was, and in many respects. In contrast to Banner, who for a lot longer had practically no command over his second identity, he was larger, stronger, and more durable, and he had full command over the change. It was because of this that Abomination often came out on top in battle.

To top it all off, he went able to give the Hulk a good kick in the pants while taking all the hits himself. This is why Abomination was able to make some ground against Banner, however, there’s a price. To be more specific, when Abomination triumphed over Hulk, the latter was “composed,” meaning he wasn’t agitated and resorted simply to his standard abilities.

Hulk Vs Abomination

Hulk fights Abomination

But as everyone knows, Hulk has a unique power that allows him to become more powerful when he becomes angry. In particular, it has been speculated that there is no maximum bound to the Hulk’s increasing strength as he becomes enraged, or that the threshold is so high that Banner will be invincible. With that in mind, Blonsky needs to end the battle swiftly and flee or tread carefully so as not to aggravate the Hulk. It’s quite unlikely either scenario is even possible.

That being said, it’s only natural that we draw the following conclusion. In most encounters between Hulk and Abomination, Hulk would emerge victorious because of his never-ending strength.

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