Hulk’s Arm: Has The Green Monster’s Arm Healed In She-Hulk

In the She-Hulk series, the Hulk’s arm appears to be completely healed, raising the question of how and when it healed. However, despite not being about Bruce Banner, the Disney+ MCU series will offer the best and likely longest look at the Hulk character since Avengers: Endgame, as revealed by a new She-Hulk trailer released on Monday morning. Only one solo film has been made since 2012, and that is She-Hulk, which means that the Hulk will continue to be a supporting character in the MCU, as he was in Thor: Ragnarok and will be in She-Hulk.

The Real Deal With The Hulk’s Arm

Hulk wields the infinity gauntlet

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the MCU’s Hulk troubles started, but it’s in Avengers: Infinity War that the Hulk no longer plays an important role in the action. Smart Hulk was introduced in Endgame as an evolved version of the Hulk and Bruce Banner, who lacked the fervor and rage of his previous incarnations. After he used the Iron Man Gauntlet to snap his fingers and bring everybody back from the Blip, the Hulk’s ability to take on a fight suffered an even bigger blow. After that, the Hulk was barely visible in the final battle against Thanos in Endgame, and his arm still looked bad at the end of the film.

Despite this, Smart Hulk’s arm appears to be completely unharmed in the She-Hulk trailer. The Hulk’s arm in the She-Hulk trailer isn’t just healed; it’s unmarked as if he’d never been injured. She-Hulk could have been set before the events of Endgame, which would explain the strange change. Even though the Hulk’s arm has yet to be injured, it would also explain why Bruce Banner appears in the Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings post-credit scene as a human Bruce Banner in his Smart Hulk form.

If that’s not the case, and She-Hulk takes place in the present day of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it becomes more difficult to explain how the Hulk recovered from his impressive snap in Avengers: Endgame.

Hulk’s Appearance In She-Hulk Is The Key Point Of The Series

Hulk is one of Marvel’s strongest characters, and he has taken some serious beatings. but nothing can compare to the impact of using the Infinity Stones on an individual, like Thanos’ injured arm and face. If the Hulk was able to fully recover from the snap without leaving any visible scars, it speaks volumes about his healing prowess.

She-Arm Hulk’s recovery would have had to be completed between Shang-post-credits, Chi’s cameo and the Disney+ series if the MCU’s Phase 4 timeline is correct, which it has been thus far. In that post-credits scene, Bruce Banner, not Smart Hulk, was wearing a sling, which indicates that his injury was severe enough to affect his arm even after his transformation back to his human form. If Bruce Banner had remained in the Smart Hulk form for long enough to heal his arm injury, he could have reverted to his human form in She-Hulk, despite being able to return to his human form.

Now that his arm in She-Hulk is perfectly functioning, the Hulk’s status in Phase 4 of MCU has become one of the most intriguing plotlines of the franchise. Despite not getting a stand-alone film since 2008, the Hulk has undergone the most transformations in the MCU, both physically and psychologically. We’ll have to wait and see how else She-Hulk can make a difference.