Hulk's MCU Plans In Phase 4 & Phase 5 After Shang-Chi Looks Hopeful
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Hulk’s MCU Plans In Phase 4 & Phase 5 After Shang-Chi Looks Hopeful

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 16,2021

Here’s what’s in store for Hulk’s MCU plans in Phase 4, possibly beyond and after the Infinity Saga’s conclusion. MCU Phase 4 has been eagerly awaited, and unlike previous phases, this one covers both movies and television shows, with the latter being directly linked to the films. New characters are being introduced on both sides of the MCU, and Shang-Chi was the first to get a solo movie in Phase 4.

The Hulk In She-Hulk

Directed by Destin Cretton, the titular hero of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was forced to confront his past after he ran away from his family many years before. Wenwu, the head of the Ten Rings organization, is Shang-Chi’s father. The hero and his sister Xialing are drawn back to him and the Ten Rings when they search for a mythical village. It’s typical for MCU movies to have two post-credits scenes, with Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner appearing in the first one to connect Shang-Chi to other characters while revealing that he is no longer Smart Hulk.


Bruce Banner will revert to his standard Bruce Banner form. This will allow for more explanation about how and why he stopped being Smart Hulk and how the Hulk will deal with what Banner did to him so that both of their best selves could be combined. It’s a good thing that Bruce/future Hulk’s in the MCU is looking good so far, and he’ll be back in the TV series “She-Hulk,” which introduces his cousin Jennifer Walters. A look at She-Hulk’s first teaser shows Bruce as Smart Hulk, but some fans believe he’ll learn the secret of letting Ruffalo appear as Bruce Banner as well.

Phase 5 Movie Rumors



Bruce/Hulk will appear in She-Hulk, the only Phase 4 project confirmed to have him, but his future beyond this phase is unknown. According to numerous reports, phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expected to begin filming on a World War Hulk movie as early as 2022. Previously, Hulk has always been part of a team, either the Avengers or the Revengers. So Phase 5 could finally see him as a solo hero, which would allow him to remain in the MCU and make room for other appearances, which means that he could still be around when/if Avengers 5 happens.

Even though She-Hulk will focus on Jennifer Walters, it may further set up Bruce/future, Hulk’s hinting at World War Hulk or something else, and it’s also feasible that Hulk would then make a surprise cameo in another movie, as he secretively did in Shang-Chi. For the first time, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have been given a chance to lead their adventure in the MCU, and hopefully, this universe will give him a chance to clean up his image in the process.

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