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I Am Groot’s Episodes Are Way Too Short Than Expectations

By Sumit Sahu
August 13,2022

‘I Am Groot’ is the new Disney Short series with 5 episodes that are really short than what fans expected.

The episodes are just 4 to 5 minutes long, which just teases the fun part of Groot, his phase of life and how he met the Guardians.

The Beginning of the Series

I am groot Disney Shorts

I am groot Disney Shorts

Groot sees a plant receiving all the pampers just like him, on the ship where he was born. As Groot was jealous of the other plant, his quest of trying to hurt it, resulted in an pot-breaking accident that gave him his feet to walk and run around.

All of the five episodes are just explaining how Groot got along with Guardians and how he is living his life from his POV. All we have seen so far about Groot in movies is that, he acts wisely only when there is a desperate need for him. Apart from that, he is mostly into himself and takes least part in any of the battles or decisions that Guardians make.

With these shorts, we get to see how Groot decides on various things in his mind, apart from what others expect from him.

The idea of introducing ‘I Am Groot’ is to give an ice-breaker to the fans, and help them enjoy a little about the MCU guy who didn’t have had any solo movie so far. 

As Rocket’s back story is to be revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol-3, it was time to give a short introductory animated series to Groot as well.

Groot has played many memorable roles in the entire MCU, that has made fans love this character in every movie where he has his screen time.

Can We Expect Other Marvel Shorts In Future?

Marvel heroes

Marvel heroes

Marvel never starts a project without any future plans! One of the reason to release short episodes of Groot, is to see if fans relate to this idea of viewing smaller teasing shorts on their favourite characters.

So, let’s see if Marvel considers such projects in the future and brings to us some of our lost yet favourite characters, even for few minutes.

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