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In Body-Hugging Gym Wear Kady McDermott Flaunts Her Toned Body

By Alankar Nayak
February 18,2022

The 26-year-old Love Island star took to TikTok to upload a video of herself tantalizing her toned figure while dressed in a matching light grey gym wear suit.

Kady can be seen shimmying in leisurewear while posing for the camera and exhibiting her wonderful slim form in the TikTok video. The stunning reality TV star then flips to the side, revealing her tight attire as well as her toned figure and incredible endowments.

Kady McDermott

“Girls, the new BO + Tee bum sculpting gym sets are the one,” she wrote on TikTok. The brunette wore a natural radiance with no makeup and wore her long brown locks in a ponytail.

Kady McDermott

Following the release of the video, the former Love Island contestant received a slew of responses from her adoring fans.

“Oh, I love this gym fit, your physique looks fantastic,” one person wrote. “An incredible goddess, I am so jealous,” wrote another fan.  A third wrote: “Your figure is to die for.”

Kady McDermott/Instagram

Kady McDermott/Instagram

Kady had previously stunned in a newly-shared lingerie photo as she posed for her fans, with some stating she gave them a “heart attack.” The brunette stunner looked stunning in a black lacy one-piece with matching suspenders. She posed in front of the mirror in a sensual attitude, sweeping her long curls to the side.

Source: Daily Star

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