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Infinity War’s Snap: How Marvel Just Made It Even More Terrifying

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 1,2022

Moon Knight episode 5 offered a new perspective on the snap in Avengers: Infinity War thanks to its Egyptian mythology. Despite the fact that it has no obvious ties to the MCU, a notable departure from the other Marvel TV shows on Disney+, Moon Knight is shedding new light on key moments in the franchise. Moon Knight’s new lore additions and use of mythology change a lot for the MCU, both for the future and retroactively, even if those are not direct references to the broader universe.

Once viewers had their assumptions about the show shaken by episode 4, Moon Knight episode 5 revealed (or at least suggested) what was really going on with Marc and Steven in season 3. Arthur Harrow’s mental facility is actually a self-evaluation of Marc and Steven’s actions and experiences in their afterlife transition, which explains everything that has happened so far in the series.

Taweret’s Significance

Tawaret is introduced as the Goddess of Healing at the end of Episode 4 in Moon Knight


By following Marc’s lead, Taweret brought the origin stories of Steven and Moon Knight to light, revealing their tragic beginnings. Both the fear of falling into the Duat and the balance of the scale were introduced during Marc Spector’s journey to the Field of Reeds. It was also shown in the episode that Harrow’s victims go straight to the Duat because they have already been judged to be imbalanced by the judges.

Infinity War’s billions of victims can now be put into perspective, thanks to this information. Despite the fact that Taweret was quick to point out that there are a variety of afterlives, Marc and Steven’s experiences in Moon Knight demonstrate just how horrific Thanos’ Infinity War Snap must have been for those who died instantly.

The Importance Of The Next Episode

Moon Knight Teased A Secret Avengers History Well Before The MCU

Moon Knight

In the end, only those who were judged to be in balance were allowed to enter the Field of Reeds, while everyone else was most likely punished for eternity. However, in Egyptian mythology, those deemed unclean were sucked into Ammit’s jaws before being banished to oblivion. This goddess, however, does not appear in the MCU. In other words, those who didn’t get a chance to visit the Field of Reeds had to endure an eternity of torment without the option of annihilation. After being resurrected by Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, all of the snapped people are still suffering, even if it’s only in the context of eternity now.

If Moon Knight episode 5’s ending was heartbreaking enough, imagine what the billions of people who were snapped in Avengers: Infinity War had to go through in the afterlife. According to Taweret, the afterlife process he outlined had a significant impact on many people who had died in the MCU universe, even though the scope of the gods’ authority and influence was never clearly established in the films. All of this reveals the perils of Arthur Harrow’s plans and the importance of the upcoming final episode of Moon Knight’s story.

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