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Iron Man Got Murdered In The New MCU What If…? Trailer

By Ishita Chatterjee
August 10,2021

What If…? is all ready to showcase a wide variety of alternate storylines set in the MCU. So fans will get to see the characters and storylines they are familiar with but in a new way. From the trailer that has been released till now, we know that the series is going to be totally bonkers.

And it will also possibly change the way we look at some of the well-established villains and heroes in the MCU. Till now, we know that Peggy Carter will get the Super Soldier serum injection and become Captain Carter. Also, T’Challa will be the new Star Lord, and we will get to see zombies in the MCU.

However, there are still a lot of storylines we don’t know anything about. One that’s supposed to have a big impact as per The Watcher actor Jeffrey Wright is a Doctor Strange episode. Also, the show’s marketing has teased an installment that will heavily revolve around Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

What If…? executive producer Brad Winderbaum previously confirmed that Nick Fury’s storyline from Phase 1 will be revisited on the series. But how will that be done so remains unclear. However, head writer A.C. Bradley has given us some hints. So let us explore that and the new promo of What If…?

New What If…? Promo Hints At Iron Man’s Death

Iron Man Whatif

The Fury episode will supposedly tackle his hesitancy regarding the Avengers initiative. But that really doesn’t give much away. Thankfully, there is a new episode that will shed light on Nick Fury’s storyline.

In the latest trailer for What If…? we saw a spoiler-heavy shocking scene that revealed the death of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. In the scene, we see a dead Tony Stark, as a surprised Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff look on.

It’s also interesting that another shot from this same promo revealed Romanoff getting arrested by SHIELD agents. This could mean that Nat got taken away for Tony’s death.

Head writer AC Bradley confirmed that the ‘What If…?’ animated series will not feature the TVA. She said that she wanted to let the Doctor Strange 2 team handle the “rules-building and all that.”

Why Was Natasha Framed For Stark’s Murder?

Black Widow

Black Widow

Now, the Avengers getting murdered is definitely an unexpected storyline. But the beauty of Marvel Studios is that it has found out a way to explore this with the help of its new animated venture.

Based on what we have seen so far, it seems like Nick Fury will have to use his detective skills to find out who is behind Stark’s murder. In the original MCU canon, we saw in Iron Man 2 that Stark was injected with a compound called lithium dioxide by Natasha Romanoff.

It was supposed to be an ‘easy fix’ that cures him of the palladium poisoning. It’s possible that this What If…? episode will see that Romanoff’s cure will instead end up killing him. This could explain why SHIELD arrested her.

But the promo also has shots of Nick Fury in New Mexico with other SHIELD agents who are aiming at ace archer Clint Barton. Now, it’s possible that Barton was the one who shot Thor using an arrow and thus, accidentally killed by doing so.

Is Someone Framing The Avengers?

Is Loki behind the murders?

Is Loki behind the murders?

What If…? head writer A.C. Bradley has already compared Nick Fury’s big episode to a kind of “Agatha Christie” kind of installment. And these latest connections revealed in the newest promo could amplify this notion further on due to the murder mystery vibe it is giving off.

Now, it’s definitely possible that someone is pulling on the strings from behind the scenes to murder, frame, and imprison the original Avengers one-by-one.

Since the events of Nick Fury’s Big Week are very closely connected to a time when Loki is present in the timeline, so there is a chance that the God of Mischief is at the core of the Avenger’s downfall. However, there’s still the question of- why he targeted each one this early.

One theory is, it’s possible that Loki was able to gain control of someone other than scientist Erik Selvig. The other notable candidate he could have controlled is Clark Gregg’s, Phil Coulson.

 Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

We think that Coulson’s involvement makes sense. After all, he knows about the Avengers Initiative. So it’s possible that when Loki was monitoring Thor from Asgard, the God of Mischief could have sensed the Tesseract. Thus, this could have made him control Coulson and not Selvig.

By doing this, Loki could have become aware of the Avengers. Thus, he could have decided to eliminate them early on so that they don’t stick in his path like a sore thumb.

As a result, Coulson would have been just a pawn in Loki’s plans. He would have been the one who sabotaged Natasha’s cure and Hawkeye’s bow and arrow. Right now, Nick Fury’s upcoming What If…? episode is looking great.

So it feels like it will be a detective murder mystery that will hook viewers from the get-go. You can catch this episode and the others when What If…? premieres Wednesday, August 11, 2021, on Disney+.

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