Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk & More Featured In New Trailer For Marvel Studios' What If...?
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Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk & More Featured In New Trailer For Marvel Studios’ What If…?

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 10,2021

Marvel’s Phase 4 rollout is going ahead full steam with the mega studio releasing three back to back live-action comic book shows on Disney+ in just 6 months. Till now it has released WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki. Next up is the studio’s first animated series ever titled What If… which is set to drop on Disney+ soon. 

What Is What If…? Animation Show

What If…? is an anthology series that will follow one-off stories based in the MCU but with some slight changes. The stories literally ask What If…? For example- what if the Super Soldier Serum was given to Peggy Carter instead of Steve Rogers? Or what if T’Challa got kidnapped by the Ravagers instead of Peter Quill? Or what if Tony Stark wasn’t ever held hostage in the Middle East? 

What if.. Iron Man

It’s quite exciting to ponder these possibilities. In fact, throughout the years, many Marvel fans have done exactly that in their discord groups and subreddits. But now some of their imaginings and fan theories might become reality. 

The What If…? series was first announced in 2019 San Diego Comic-Con with some images being released of the adventure that was yet to come. After that, nothing much was released of the show till the Disney Investor Day in December when we saw a trailer. 

Now three Phase 4 projects and pretty much 7 months later, we have a new trailer as well as an officially confirmed release date. 

New Trailer Released Of What If…? Animated Show

Marvel Studios released a brand new trailer as well poster for their first animated adventure on Disney+ titled What If…?. In the trailer, we get a look at the various episodes that will make up the animated anthology. There’s Tony Stark getting saved by Erik Killmonger, T’Challa as Star-Lord, Captain Peggy Carter, and way more. 

However, fans should note that Tony Stark’s isn’t voiced by Robert Downey Jr. He has been recast and a new voice actor is playing him. The official release date for the series is August 11, 2021, on Disney+.

Trailer Breakdown Of What If…? Disney+ Series

Fans were already aware of some of the episode themes, like the one with Captain Peggy Carter most notably. But this new trailer reveals more about the show. In the very first scene, we get to witness the scene that kicked off the MCU back in 2008. 

We get to see Tony Stark doing a photo-op in his Humvee before it gets hit with a missile. But this time he doesn’t get hit with shrapnel in his chest resulting from a nearby explosion. Instead, he gets saved by Erik Killmonger who throws the missile away from Stark and into the mountains. 

So is the trailer hinting at a Killmonger/Stark team-up? But there’s more of course. For one, there’s a new Avengers lineup of the 2012 fight. This time instead of the Avengers we know, it’s Gamora with Thanos’ double blade, T’Challa Star-Lord, Thor, and Black Panther. 

Loki too makes his return but this time commanding a powerful Asgardian army opposite that of Nick Fury on Earth. Captain Carter on the other hand seems to be fighting an evil version of Doctor Strange. So this might mean that she could turn up in modern times somehow. 

How Are The Episodes Connected With Each Other? 

The footage was narrated by Jeffrey Wright and The Batman actor will even voice a character in the show- The Watcher. It’s a cosmic being that looks over the universe. Now, this series works outside of the Sacred Timeline for the MCU, but it’s clear that The Watcher will connect the individual stories. 

Apart from this, it does look like there’s a more consistent storyline thread connecting it all. It looks like Captain Carter might show up in both the World Wars as well as fighting opposite Doctor Strange. So it looks like she will turn up multiple times. The same looks to be true for T’Challa as Star-Lord too since he can be seen talking with Yondu as well as teaming up with the new batch of Avengers. 

This animated series is surely going to blow everyone’s minds off. You can catch What If…? on Disney+ on August 11.

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