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Iron Man’s Story May Properly End Only Through Avengers Replacement

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 24,2022

Marvel’s Illuminati team may be introduced in Phase 4. The only way to properly conclude Iron Man’s MCU story will be to set it up through this. Even though Tony Stark died at the end of Endgame, his legacy will live on to loom large over the MCU. Spider-Man has only just emerged from his shadow. However, the upcoming Ironheart is already likely to arise from his shadow as well. Iron Legion drones as seen in the trailer, have a significant connection to Doctor Strange 2’s plot.

The New Superhero Team Will Make The Difference

Doctor Strange 2_ Every Character Who Could Be In The Illuminati

Cameos to appear in Doctor Strange 2

For as long as anyone can remember, Captain America has been a central figure in the MCU. Furthermore, his return has been nearly constant speculation. Since RDJ’s Iron Man story was so crucial, it’s impossible to imagine him being replaced. Even with the MCU multiverse and the onset of an altered version of Iron Man, those who can’t see past his perfect casting would resist the arrival of an alternate Iron Man. But if Tony Stark’s legacy isn’t resolved, he will continue to haunt us.

Iron Man’s death in Endgame was a problem because it only fulfilled a portion of his self-identified destiny. Iron Man was destined to die from the moment Captain America called him selfish in The Avengers. However, as Thanos pointed out, Stark’s curse of knowledge was also part of his legacy. For Stark, a suit of armor was a way to satisfy his primal need for protection rather than a way to satisfy his insatiable appetite for invention. The Illuminati’s introduction in Doctor Strange 2 would represent the fulfillment of that dream. This is despite the fact that he died before achieving it. Team Stark would serve as Iron Man’s armor around the globe.

The Relevance Of The Illuminati

The Illuminati

The Illuminati

Sadly, Tony Stark’s vision for saving the planet was constrained by his fixation with the Iron Man project in the MCU. Even as he gave away his technology to other heroes, Tony was working on a suit that would have effectively turned him into a perfect weapon by the time of his death. That jibed with his decision to go it alone against Thanos in Infinity War. Ultimately, he would come to realize that the Avengers’ unity was what was truly needed to defeat the Mad Titan, in the wake of the Civil War. When he gave his life for the team, Thanos was killed.

Thus, the Illuminati can be seen as an extension of Iron Man’s lesson from Endgame, if he had not died. The decision to invest in the finest thinkers and powerful figures as a collective force to safeguard the universe made more sense than obsessing over technology. Iron Legion drone inclusion in the service of the potent council would be a fitting tribute to Tony’s shifted priorities. What would be the ideal conclusion to Iron Man’s MCU storyline is for him to have an epiphany and form a new team of superheroes in Doctor Strange 2 as part of the Illuminati?

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