Is Avengers: Kang Dynasty The End For The Ant-Man Cast? Insider Alleges Death Of One Hero
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Is Avengers: Kang Dynasty The End For The Ant-Man Cast? Insider Alleges Death Of One Hero

Will Avengers: Kang Dynasty do what Ant-Man 3 didn’t and kill off one of the main characters? Insider alleges that could happen

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 22,2023

“Ant-Man 3” wasn’t a movie that was able to please all of the MCU fans. Many were displeased that the trailers sold a different kind of film than it ended up being. For one, it was hinted that someone was going to get stuck/die and there were various leaks that corroborated it. However, the ending ended up being saccharine sweet and disappointing for many. But it looks like that issue gets fixed in “Avengers: Kang Dynasty.”

Ant-Man Characters To Die In Avengers: Kang Dynasty?

Ant-Man 3 Still with Joel, Cassie, and Hope

Ant-Man 3 Still with Joel, Cassie, and Hope

Alex from The Cosmic Circus tweeted out a response to a fan saying that Kang should have killed Scott, Janet or Hank. He expressed that Marvel was going to kill off one of these 3 characters in “Avengers: Kang Dynasty.” Here’s his tweet:


Which One Of Them Could Die?

Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne

Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne

Original leaks for “Ant-Man 3” revealed that Scott and Hope were going to get stuck in the Quantum Realm and the film was supposed to end with Cassie Lang trying to find a way to get Hope and her father out of there. While these leaks were never confirmed to be true, but even if no character died, having the lead protagonists get stuck due to Kang would have added more stakes to the movie.

However, they could correct this issue in Kang Dynasty. If one of them among Janet, Hank, or Scott could die, then it’s probably going to be Scott. After all, him dying will add to the stakes of the Avengers movie since Scott is one of the few avengers who has been fighting since “Captain America: Civil War.” So his death or sacrifice will hit everyone the hardest.

While Hank and Janet have been a major part of the Ant-Man films, but their deaths won’t have the same effect on the rest of the heroes since they don’t know them. Also, Scott is one of the last few Avengers who hasn’t passed on his mantle. With his passing, his daughter will take his place and carry on the theme of young heroes taking the places of the old ones.

However, it remains to be seen if Marvel Studios actually kills off Ant-Man. After all, there are already talks happening of “Ant-Man 4.”

Stay tuned for more updates.

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