Is Blade’s MCU Future Doomed, Or Can Mahershala Ali Save The Day?

Explore the tumultuous journey of Blade, the MCU’s vampire hunter, with multiple script rewrites, production challenges, and the persistent dedication of Mahershala Ali

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 2,2023
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The anticipation surrounding Mahershala Ali’s role as Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was palpable among comic book enthusiasts. An Oscar-winning actor taking on the iconic vampire hunter promised an exciting addition to the MCU. However, since the initial announcement, Blade has encountered a series of setbacks and changes that have left fans concerned. In this article, we delve into the latest developments regarding Blade’s troubled journey to the big screen.

Blade’s Ongoing Struggles


Recent reports suggest that the MCU’s Blade film is still facing significant challenges within Marvel Studios. Despite the star power of Mahershala Ali, the project has experienced multiple hurdles, leading to concerns about its progress. One of the most significant setbacks came earlier this year when Ali demanded script changes following a page one rewrite and the appointment of a new director in the previous fall.

The script for Blade has undergone multiple revisions, involving at least five different writers and two directors. Ali’s potential departure from the project loomed large before the latest rewrite was ordered. It’s worth noting that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been reevaluating various MCU projects due to widespread criticism of the franchise’s direction.

Furthermore, Blade’s reported budget of $100 million is a considerable departure from Marvel Studios’ traditional spending patterns. Previous versions of the Blade script even saw the narrative shifting toward a story led by women with life lessons, relegating Blade to a supporting role.

The Uncertain Future of Blade


With another rewrite underway for Blade, questions arise about whether the Mahershala Ali-led MCU movie will ever make it to theaters. Reports from over a year ago indicated that Ali was growing frustrated with the lack of progress on the film. While 2023 has seen disruptions in the entertainment industry due to strikes by writers and actors, Ali’s reservations about Blade likely persist.

For Kevin Feige and the MCU team, navigating Blade’s production challenges is crucial to retaining Ali’s commitment to the project. The postponement of Blade’s release from its original fall debut to 2025 reflects Marvel’s dedication to getting the film right. The inclusion of Michael Green, known for his work on “Logan,” is an attempt to steer the project in the right direction.

Fans can only hope that Mahershala Ali remains patient with his MCU role and stands ready to embrace the character of Blade when the movie finally reaches the production stage. As Marvel Studios works to overcome the obstacles that have plagued the project, the potential for Blade to become a compelling addition to the MCU remains a tantalizing prospect.