Is Chad Stahelski Done With John Wick? Director Reveals Future Of Franchise
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Is Chad Stahelski Done With John Wick? Director Reveals Future Of Franchise

Director Chad Stahelski Shares His Thoughts On The Potential For A Fifth John Wick Movie In An Exclusive Interview.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 10,2023

John Wick: Chapter 4 has garnered high praise, leading fans to wonder if there will be a fifth installment. Director Chad Stahelski shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Klein Felt.

Stahelski On The Future Of John Wick

'John Wick 4' To Be The Longest John Wick Movie Ever

‘John Wick 4’ To Be The Longest John Wick Movie Ever

Stahelski acknowledged that John Wick is a successful franchise and that the desire to continue it is understandable from a business standpoint. However, he also expressed concern about avoiding repetition in future films. He mentioned that while he has dream actors in mind for a potential fifth movie, he also plans to give John Wick a rest.

Stahelski’s Comments On John Wick 5

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Stahelski mentioned that he would not mind doing a fifth movie in the John Wick franchise, but he feels that Chapter 4 effectively ended the series. While he has notebooks full of ideas, he is not ready to dive into them just yet. However, he did not rule out the possibility of a fifth movie altogether.

Stahelski’s Other Projects

Ghost Of Tsushima

Stahelski has many other projects in the works, including adaptations of PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima and the book Shibumi. He also mentioned that he is working on a Highlander reboot and several TV shows.

Final Thoughts On John Wick 5

John Wick And Dogs

While Stahelski has not definitively ruled out a fifth John Wick movie, it seems that he is taking a break from the franchise for now. He wants to focus on projects that he is passionate about and avoid being repetitive. Even if a fifth movie is made, it may not happen for some time.

Overall, Stahelski and the entire John Wick team can be proud of what they have accomplished so far, regardless of whether or not there is a fifth movie.