Is Disney Pulling The Plug On Vision Quest? MCU Fans Demand Answers

Speculation swirls as changes in showrunner credits spark concern over the fate of “Vision Quest,” the eagerly awaited MCU spin-off.

By Akshay Sharma
September 29,2023
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The future of the highly anticipated MCU spin-off series, Vision Quest, has been cast into doubt, leading to concerns among fans. Originally slated to follow up on the events of WandaVision, this Disney+ series has recently become the subject of speculation regarding its fate.

A Mysterious Development


Recent developments have triggered anxiety among fans eagerly awaiting the Vision-centric series. The initial announcement of Vision Quest came in October 2022, with expectations of a 2025 debut. Jac Schaeffer, the creator of WandaVision, was set to helm the show, and Eileen Shim was onboard as one of the writers. However, since the writers’ strike that disrupted Hollywood’s operations, information about the series had been scarce.

Alarming Updates on Schaeffer’s Credits

Vision Quest

The cause for concern stems from an unexpected alteration in showrunner Jac Schaeffer’s credits on the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Directory. Previously, Vision Quest had been prominently featured in Schaeffer’s profile, but it has now conspicuously vanished from her list of credits. While her WGA listing is otherwise up to date, including the recently updated title for 2024’s “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,” the absence of Vision Quest has led fans to speculate about its fate.

On various platforms, fans have expressed their apprehensions, with some fearing the worst, questioning whether Disney+ had decided to scrap the series entirely. The uncertainty surrounding Vision Quest’s future has prompted fans to hope that this setback doesn’t equate to the series being canceled.

The Puzzle of Vision Quest’s Destiny

Vision Quest

While the recent developments surrounding Jac Schaeffer’s credits and Disney’s new streaming strategy have raised concerns about Vision Quest, the fate of the series remains uncertain. Disney CEO Bob Iger had previously hinted at a shift in the pace of Disney+ shows within the MCU, emphasizing the desire for Marvel Studios and its projects to stand out in the streaming landscape.

However, discontinuing Vision Quest might not align with Disney’s overarching strategy. “WandaVision” was met with critical acclaim and garnered a devoted fanbase, making it a proven success within the MCU’s streaming endeavors. In an era where established intellectual properties are prioritized, developing a direct sequel to such a celebrated title would seem like a logical step.

Although the situation appears precarious, it is essential to note that no official confirmation regarding Vision Quest’s cancellation has been issued by Disney. Fans are advised to await an official statement from the studio before jumping to conclusions about the fate of this highly anticipated series.

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