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Is Doctor Doom The Mastermind In Wakanda Forever?

By Chandraboli Majumdar
August 14,2022

Everyone is excited for the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which is set to premiere in November of this year. The trailer has increased the buzz surrounding the movie even more. There have been rumors for quite a while now about Doctor Doom’s involvement in the movie. So, let’s dive into the theories and what makes it such a reliable rumor.

Who Is Dr. Doom?

doctor doom


Doctor Victor Von Doom is a yielder of magic and one of the brightest minds on the planet. He is a scientist whose intelligence knows no bounds. His sorcery puts him on the level of many powerful cosmic beings and makes him no less than the sorcerer supreme. His most famous rivalry is with the fantastic four. Thus, Dr. Doom is set to enter the MCU with the Fantastic Four movie as a part of phase six on 8th November 2024.

However, he might greet our screens much earlier with a brief appearance in Wakanda Forever. The rumor mill has been hinting at a cameo or maybe even a post-credits scene involving Dr. Doom. He will most likely play a silent role, manipulating the events of the movie secretly from the shadows.

The Connection Between Wakanda Forever And Dr. Doom

Doctor Doom and Black Panther

Doctor Doom and Black Panther

As we all know, Wakanda forever is setting up a face-off between the Atlanteans and the Wakandans. With the death of T’Challa, Wakanda is shown to be in a state of mourning while also celebrating their great leader. The movie introduces the character of Namor, The Submariner, who is also the first mutant. We can see the mutations in the trailer itself as there are tiny wings attached to Namor’s feet. The trailer also showcases a scene involving the flooding of the throne room of Wakanda. This scene is almost identical to one in the comics.

This brings us to The Doomwar – an event that took place in the comics. The story followed Dr. Doom as he was looking for ways to acquire large amounts of Vibranium. This would make him virtually unstoppable and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Now, knowing the immense willpower of Dr. Doom he would stop at nothing to achieve this. Thus emerged the theories.



According to the theories, Namor isn’t the true villain of the movie. Considering Namor’s character he is more of an antihero as he has also fought alongside the Avengers, the X-Men and even the Fantastic Four. This means that Dr. Doom could be the actual mastermind. He could have manipulated or tricked Namor into believing that Wakanda was the enemy. He started the fight so that in the aftermath of the devastating battle, he could easily slip in, unnoticed and collect the Vibranium.

There have also been rumors about Giancarlo Esposito taking up the mantle of Dr Doom. None of this remains confirmed as of yet. Us fans still have our fingers crossed for even the tiniest peek at Dr. Doom and his evil plans.

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