Is Jenna Ortega’s Decision To Cut Romance In ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 A Bold Move Or A Risky Gamble?

Jenna Ortega hints at significant changes in ‘Wednesday’ Season 2, including reducing the focus on romance.

By Akshay Sharma
November 30,2023
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Jenna Ortega’s hit series “Wednesday” on Netflix has garnered a massive following and critical acclaim. As fans eagerly anticipate the second season, the show’s star, Jenna Ortega, recently hinted at potential changes in the upcoming season. Specifically, she suggested that the focus on romance may be reduced. Let’s delve into what Jenna Ortega had to say and how fans are reacting to this development.

A Record-Breaking Debut

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Before diving into the details of Season 2, it’s important to highlight the immense success of “Wednesday.” The series, centered around the iconic character Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family, set a new record for the most hours viewed for an English language series on Netflix during its first week, amassing over 341 million views. This remarkable achievement solidified the show’s popularity and left fans eagerly awaiting its return for a second season.

The Love Triangle in Season 1

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In the first season of “Wednesday,” viewers witnessed a love triangle involving the titular character, Wednesday, as well as two other characters, Tyler and Xavier. The dynamics of this romantic entanglement were a central plot point throughout the season. However, as fans know, the season concluded with significant developments in this storyline. With Season 2 on the horizon, Jenna Ortega has shared some insights into the show’s direction.

Jenna Ortega’s Vision for Season 2

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Jenna Ortega recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show,” where she provided a glimpse into the status of “Wednesday” Season 2. According to Ortega, the second season is currently in the writing stage, with the creative team actively discussing the storyline and various elements. However, what caught the attention of fans and sparked discussions was Ortega’s desire to shift the focus away from romance.

Ortega expressed her vision for Season 2, stating, “We wanna up the horror aspect a little bit. And then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation and just let her be her own individual.” This revelation has generated considerable interest and enthusiasm among viewers. Many fans are intrigued by the prospect of a darker and more independent Wednesday in the upcoming season.

Fan Reactions and Support

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Jenna Ortega’s comments about reducing the emphasis on romance in Season 2 have resonated strongly with fans. Social media platforms have been abuzz with reactions from viewers who are excited about the direction the series is taking. Some fans have expressed their support for this shift, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing other aspects of the show, such as horror and character development.

On platforms like Twitter, comments such as “Yes Jenna, please save this show” and “Ugh this needed to be done so baddddlllyyyy” highlight the positive response to the decision to move away from the love triangle. Viewers seem to appreciate the idea of allowing Wednesday to stand on her own as a strong, independent character.

In Conclusion

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As “Wednesday” Season 2 continues to take shape, Jenna Ortega’s hints about the show’s evolving direction have sparked enthusiasm among fans. The decision to reduce the focus on romance in favor of exploring horror and allowing Wednesday to thrive as an individual character has garnered widespread support. With the groundwork for Season 2 underway, viewers eagerly await the next chapter of this beloved series and the new challenges and adventures it will bring for Wednesday Addams.